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  1. Net Neutrality guff

    "We vote red, you vote blue" is missing crucial context. "My family votes red even though we're in a solid blue state on the west coast, while your family votes blue in a solid red state on the east" is not saying "We vote red (because we are better), you vote blue (because you are worse)" it's simply going for the "we're both strangers/outcasts" theme, especially because the very next line is "A strange coincidence we have". If what you say is true and he is saying "we vote red because we're better and you vote blue because you're worse" then what the hell is the coincidence he mentions?
  2. Net Neutrality guff

    That ain't what he said, though. It's more "Me and my parents are well-off thus we vote this way while you and your parents aren't thus they vote that way, but if you work hard you don't have to suffer like this" which is hardly a shocking or cunty comment. I can see it being taken that way if he was saying his political views cause his prosperity, but he's saying the opposite which is a very mainstream view, if not a fact.
  3. Net Neutrality guff

    I'm disappointed, reading the responses I thought Cave's comment was going to be more like "If you make less than $100,000 per annum you should be thrown in the fucking electroshock chamber" or "I bottle the tears of poorfags and drink them with my caviar-encased filet mignon" instead of the extremely mild-mannered (and lame) "Most people can escape poverty if they really try and make good decisions, although some of course never can and I feel sympathy for those people." You can argue that he's clinging on to a relic of the past and that things have changed (which to a certain extent is true) but damn he's basically just being a well-meaning dad. And at any rate "You can escape poverty if you try" is monumentally better life advice than "Give up, you'll never make it."
  4. Post ur Sunsets/Rises

  5. TF2 general

    Replays were cool but never got implemented into the server I played on and became totally useless once matchmaking came out and wiped out most community servers. The least Valve could do would be to enable replays on their own servers, I would've thought that would be easier than having community servers do it themselves anyway.
  6. Now with 100% more Pony Stable history

    Seein that SPUF cap reminds me that reddit got crap but SPUF never did. That sucked.
  7. TF2 general

    I picked up TF2 via the Orange Box for PS3 sometime in, I don't know, 2009 or so. I played it for a while and really liked it, then I found out that the PC version had crazy shit like a badass shotgun for scout and a bow for sniper, so I resolved to get it. I finally did get it in August of 2010 and was a couple weeks' drops away from crafting a hat when the Mann-connomy update hit. It was my first real PC game so I didn't realize that I shouldn't be getting 15 FPS so I never turned the graphics down at all for a few months.
  8. TIAM: General Gaming edition

  9. TF2 general

    Ah, that does make more sense.
  10. TF2 general

    Yeah, we lost that because everyone besides me, my boys, and you were, well I guess still learning the game is how I'd put it. They're only 21 cents now for the basic version. Really all base stranges are now, except for the special ones like Kritzkriegs and Gunslingers. I still remember when they were new and any guy who had an Australian or Hale's Own weapon was a badass. A lesser version of how unusuals used to be SUPER rare and everyone on the server would comment on it if you had one. Those were the days.
  11. TF2 general

    Met Jaybee in a game yesterday. Small world.
  12. I enjoy cold weather, since you can heat up by doing shit while in hot weather doing shit just makes you hotter and more uncomfortable. Now before some smartass living in Coldsville, Alaska jumps in I don't mean I enjoy shoveling snow in -50 degree weather, I'm talking about where I live.
  13. I occasionally see sites like those whenever I'm searching for something obscure. I remember seeing something that looked like a fracking tower set up in the middle of the park next to the elementary school so I looked to see if I could find anything about it online, so I googled it and it took me here, which basically has the dictionary definitions of "fracking" and "radon" with my town's name and zip code inserted every now and then. Oh and you can get seasonal discounts on your home renovations there, if you're so inclined.
  14. I'm not doing anything, but my dad went to a party yesterday as Rick from Rick and Morty (I helped him make his hair blue for the night). Feels good having 250 IQ blood surging through my veins.