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  1. Raison d'être

    If we only had three weapons per class....

    No, he self-imposed those rules. I wouldn't have cared anyway though.
  2. Raison d'être

    If we only had three weapons per class....

    I'll be honest with you I had two "scales of justice" on my mind rating these: Do I have any positive memories of me and/or my retard friends using these things? Have I ever been pissed off by someone killing me with it? I don't need a good reason either. Combine them and you get: Scout: Back Scatter Boston Basher Candy Cane Note: Boston Basher becomes the new stock option. Soldier: Panic Attack Equalizer I don't know the third all the others don't stand out or they pissed me off in the past. Pyro: Backburner Panic Attack Third Degree (after all it is just a better fire axe). Demoman: Tide Turner Chargin Targe Splendid Screen Heavy: Brass Beast Family Business Panic Attack Engineer: Panic Attack Jag Southern Hospitality Medic: Blutsager Solemn Vow Overdose Sniper: Razorback Tribalman's Shiv Shahanshah Spy: Enforcer L'etranger Red-Tape Recorder Looks good to me. Ship it.
  3. Raison d'être

    In which we post the randomest shit we find on YouTube.

    Kit(ten) car.
  4. I just remembered that goggles thing where you could draw on websites and shit. Good times. We were the most popular site on there for a bit. Good times indeed...
  5. Raison d'être

    Anime Girl Quiz

    As a true connoisseur of culture I will of course list their names in their native language. 1. の制式名 称が与え 2. 評価 を行った 3. ドイツ陸 軍は戦車 4. あっ たた 5. が装 着さ 6. に成功 している 7. 砲と三人 乗りの大 8. 両が生産 された最初の型 9. パンタ ーの転輪 10. 試作 車台 11. 機甲部隊 総監より 12. 西部戦 線にお 13. 試作の みの 14. の砲塔 に交換 15. めら れた 16. は大変好 評であり Let me know if I just did well or if I really knocked it out of the park.
  6. Now would a crazy man claim the rats in his walls as his dependents on his tax form? I don't think so!
  7. The forum listings on the main page are upside down. That is for everybody and not just me... right? The April Fool wasn't just to make me and me alone look like a fucking idiot by commenting on it... right?
  8. SPUFPowered: Australian edition.
  9. Raison d'être

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Yeah, sorry. And yeah it was him. He also replied on twitter to a post of someone hotgluing an Orendi figure and just said "whatever gets you there".
  10. Raison d'être

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Hopefully, on one hand maybe 2k saw how much hate was generated by the Outer Worlds being exclusive and would cut out the timed exclusivity bullshit. On the other, Gearbox is led by marketing master Randy "Nobody likes a bigot" Pitchford who more or less killed Borderlands by releasing it at the same time as Overwatch with a marketing budget of five dollars. Would not surprise me if he'd be the one begging for EGS exclusivity.
  11. Europeans may have been banned from the internet, but there's one place they'll never be banned from - our hearts. Speaking of I'm willing to bet if you made one of those shitty discord meme videos about Article 13 and spent all night tonight on social media viraling it it would have hundreds of thousands of views in a week.