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  1. FreshHalibut

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'd be up for a Salmon Run stack if the opportunity presents itself. It's a great way to get a bunch of money with those 16/32k money bonuses. It's gonna suck having to pay to play online, but at least we're finally getting cloud backups. Because at the moment there's no way to back up saves.
  2. FreshHalibut

    Anime General Discussion

    I picked up Megalo Box and caught up with this week's episiode. This is exactly my kind of thing, it's so good. I just hope it ends strong, but so far it's shaping up to be one of my favorites.
  3. FreshHalibut

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Fug, I meant East. The East Coast where the remains of the US military want to poison the only source of fresh clean water, The Brotherhood of Dumb evolves into Enclave level fascists flying around in a murderblimp, Mutants are downgraded from dumb but high functioning to 99% braindead savages, Raiders are downgraded from actual factions to groups of themed enemy types, Teams of scientists make androids just to fuck-with/replace people instead of doing something productive, Rare and highly regulated pre-war power armor is just laying around all over the place so much so that raider gangs regularly have a set, and Disney world somehow has power armor invented on the West coast after the apocalypse sealed in a pre-war vault. I don't expect great lore or narrative from Beth-Fallout games. But I would probably have fun with a big dumb third person action game like Fallout: Horizon Zero Dawn. Since they said it was a spinoff and everything.
  4. FreshHalibut

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Fallout 4.5 on the "Everyone is a stupid" west EAST coast again. I accept Fallout 3 and 4 for what they are, but It's hard to get excited for another Post Apoc Dungeon crawler. Unless they write a cohesive story and ditch all the settlement stuff I'm probably going to give it a pass.
  5. This new mechanical keyboard is twice as clicky and loud as my old one!

    1. hugthebed2


      I kinda hope to get a less clicky one in the future. It's nice but it really is loud and I feel for my family sometimes when they're forced to hear it.


      The only benefit is that my typing speed looks mythical to my parents because every keypress is emphasized.

    2. TheOnlyGuyEver


      I don't get the hype behind them.

  6. FreshHalibut

    Anime General Discussion

    I watched Batman Ninja, it's a good movie. Although I did watch the Japanese version, everyone says the English dub is really different. The animation is worth it regardless though.
  7. I'm learning HTML and it's really satisfying being able to create my own shitpost webpages.
  8. You must gather your venture before partying forth.

  9. FreshHalibut

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    So with the announcement of America Monster Hunter Double Cross (Generations Ultimate) I'm going back and finishing up Gen for that sweet save import action. And surprisingly, after playing about a hundred hours of MHWorld, it's still easy to jump back into. I thought I'd miss the quality of life stuff from World a lot more, but nah.
  10. FreshHalibut

    Barely Useful Superpowers

    Invisible one inch anti-bug force field. Just enough to not worry about mosquitoes, not enough to slam dunk a hornet nest.
  11. FreshHalibut

    Anime General Discussion

    I finished One Punch Man. It's very good.
  12. FreshHalibut

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Finally did the long process of Jailbreaking my WiiU for homebrew, and the vWii mode by extension. Hooked up a 1tb drive to it and now I've got WiiU/Wii/Gamecube/Emulators all running on the same box. I tell you, Paper Mario TTYD looks great when piped over HDMI and not shitty composite cables. I guess I could've used dolphin, but I like being able to run things on the WiiU's tablet.
  13. FreshHalibut


    Finished the War Within Quest, it's like they decided to throw a different game in the middle of this one. Good Quest. Also did Octavia's quest, the finale is cool. Also have a Hydroid being manufactured and I'm excited for that.
  14. FreshHalibut


  15. FreshHalibut


    I made a Rhino! And the Hek shotgun! (which I heard is good?) I got all the way up to Saturn, but Excalibut is starting to feel squishy.