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  1. ToasterToastin'

    E3 2018

    I have always though this word meant "unhappy" or "displeased" because the sounds it has tend toward negative. I only found out a few years ago it means exactly the opposite. I want to be excited about Fallout Shelter 99 but the online aspect is reeeeeeeally tempering any excitement.
  2. Time to start up an old project which I never managed to finish. Again. Again. Again.

  3. ToasterToastin'

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Chess is like the Monopoly of strategy games. It's a terrible game, but everyone plays it anyway because it's been around forever.
  4. F indeed. June 6th, as I recall?
  5. ToasterToastin'

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I was originally optimistic about Fallout 76 because I'm a sucker for Fallout, but the rumor that they're sticking with the same engine has put a big damper on that. Also, if it's multiplayer, RIP mods (and hello Content Club)
  6. ToasterToastin'


    You too? I made it further than that, but I never finished the game because it just felt so slow. I don't even remember the "story" or progression, and while I'm usually great about game maps I remember absolutely nothing. I can draw Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn from memory easily. Sinnoh? No clue. I think there was a giant mountain in the middle? HG/SS was the best game in the generation and it was a damn remake. Eevee/Pikachu looks pretty. Not sure how thrilled I am about the PoGo mechanics, or the wisdom of going full-nostalgia with the first 151. Also, I wonder if they're gonna go with actual cries instead of the chipset sounds for the first time, since Eevee has a voice (and the PokeBall+ is gonna make noises). Probably going to finally convince me to buy a Switch though, so that's something.
  7. ToasterToastin'

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Nah, Todd Howard's just announcing Skyrim for the Sega Saturn.
  8. ToasterToastin'

    The Thread that Makes you go Hmmm

    I wonder what the ratio of water to fish pee is in a lake/river/ocean. Also, chances are that the water you drink was once in someone's bladder. Maybe it's someone you know. Maybe it's your mom's.
  9. This whole city is a money laundering conspiracy theory (actually for real though) so they fit right in. I'm from Pittsburgh so I've always supported the Penguins, so having Fleury (ex-Pen goaltender) face off against the Caps (Pens rivals) is goddamn poetry.
  10. In local Sportsball news, the Vegas Golden Knights have made it to the Stanley Cup finals, and I was somehow not on the schedule to work today, so I actually got a chance to go down to the arena to hang out in the front plaza (no, I didn't have tickets for in-arena seats, seeing as they were going for ~$1000 upper level). What a rush. The game was back-and-forth the whole time, which was great and awful at the same time, but the amount of energy was just intense. Last time I was able to attend a sporting event like this was in '08, when the Penguins (my original home team) streamed an away game from inside their stadium. This game was 10x that.
  11. ToasterToastin'

    The Thread that Makes you go Hmmm

    Are children small? Or just far away?
  12. ToasterToastin'

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Plus you can't really bang a wide variety of vidya babes in a linear experience. I feel like this is as good a place as any for me to beat my personal favorite Valve-centric dead horse and bring up the Portal 2 store.
  13. My roommate just had the same issue with the latest Windows 10 update, only it managed to brick his computer into a gray screen of death. Eventually figured out that it was a corrupted video driver, so it's fixed now, but it took 2 days of digging and it still isn't super functional. Heck, even the automatic repair option Windows 10 provides was of absolutely no help (gave up halfway through checking to see how to fix it with no resolution) and it doesn't look like this is an isolated event. Welcome to the era of "Beta testers? Our customers are our beta testers."
  14. ToasterToastin'

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    My listlessness has made me play Black Mesa again, even though I've gone through Mesa/HL so many times. Sometimes it's nice to just run through a linear experience.