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    You ever just remember an old forum you used to frequent exists and check it out, only to probably forget about it the next day and not look at it again for another three years?
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    tiny brain: egg on burger galaxy brain:
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    The Thread that Makes you go Hmmm

    the moon is a big mirror
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    I dont think anyone here has medical expertise to help you, I'd recommend talking with him or his family to convince him to get psychological help.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Reminder that the A Hat In Time DLC is free until tomorrow
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I bought the uncharted trilogy thing, they really do feel like playing a Hollywood action movie for better and for worse
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    I've seen too many good men die to care about fighting anymore.
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    John Caveson

    TF2 general

    Legendary achieved,I'm on the home stretch.
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    Anime General Discussion

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    I went back for a week and a half ironically a few months ago. It feels so fucking clunky now. i did have a guy say that I was cheating because I was level one and kicking ass
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    Like, in the sense of any type of game, or multiplayer games only, or? Also linear singleplayer a best. Yahtzee said it best when it feels like the open world "choose your own path" is more of an excuse to not thoughtfully design encounters rather than for any actual fun factor. Maybe I've been playing too much Far Cry.
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    Happy Jump Day!

    Never forget, except usually.
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    I'm more or less just farming to get my G. Pan to Hales Own (currently >200 kills to Legendary), after that I might drop off a bit. But I do still occasionally play with Captain Blades* and his gang, as well as old buddies from FastCo. when the opportunity presents itself. Still a fun game though. *He goes by "General Kaiga" now What did you just say to me you little bitch!? I- Oh, ok no wor- ......
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    Happy Jump Day!

    Tis that day again. Well, the traditional Wednesday Jump Day thing.
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    This is the Rhea thread, right? It's been one session without her and I already miss her dearly
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    TF2 general

    The Poker Night 2 items join the ranks of the SMNC items in that you can no longer get them anymore if you don't own the game already. Steam keys of this game might be worth picking up from amazon if you want some profit later. Probably the Venture Bros license.
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    Isabelle just feels kinda cheap and uninspired. Like a good chuck of her moves are straight Villager shit, and the other moves are miscellaneous Animal Crossing things, because her character by itself has little moveset potential. It's not a fair comparison, but looking at the massive fucking pool that Simon/Richter and K. Rool had to draw their movesets from, cause there's so much shit that they actually DO in their games, it just feels kinda like "Okay, but why?"
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    We keep betting on outrageous characters to get in Smash till we get it right. Here's hoping that Tetris T-Block gets in! She's like the Roy to Marth's Marth. She's a true and blue clone, and not an Echo! So that means we should all hate her in the same way we hate Dr. Mario! Boo! Isabelle sucks!
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