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    My New Cartoon: MARCH

    I wasn't making all those characters in my doodle thread for nothing! I've been working on a short cartoon for a few months, and it's finally done. I've actually wanted to do this in some form for 7 years now. But this cartoon itself only started production in March of this year (which is actually NOT why the series is called MARCH), after scrapping an earlier, partially-finished pilot. But finally, the culmination of 7 years of conceptualization is here! You can watch the first episode "MARCH- Austin vs the Football" on Newgrounds or Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up-fE5_IMOg https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/719899 And if you want to learn the full history of this cartoon, I made a short slideshow for you all: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/13aJxzY44Mx_sym9MpZX-Eo0NnANK2YDMMZwK3iQZWWo/edit?usp=sharing I hope to make more of these cartoons in the future, expanding the world as I go. This thread will be exclusively for MARCH episodes. Any drawings or non-MARCH cartoons will still go into the doodle thread.
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    I forgot that sometimes people live in places where it gets cold. The only thing I have to worry about is the massive air pollution caused by half the state of California being on fire combined with unfortunate winds. Walking around town this evening felt like shit because every breath brought in what felt like 50% soot and it always smelled like something was on fire, which I guess it was so that's not surprising. The sun was pure red, though, and it looked really cool. I would've taken a picture but by the time I got to a suitable place it was already too dim.
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    A friend and I were talking about how hilarious it is that K. Rool owns a fucking gun, next thing you know I made this:
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    Just wanted to get some discounted candy corn, man. They didn't tell me they'd have a fucking spider in there, man. Thought I felt something weird but I convinced myself I was just going crazy. Then I look over and see that.
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    On behalf of the SPUFlight community I hereby demand its return.
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    "Do you guys not have phones" is definitely in the top ten stupidest things said at game presentations.
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    -Made by the programming wizards at Traveler's Tales versus -Made by the people who couldn't stop Paper Mario from crashing.
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    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    I'm laughing for real right now.
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    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    Another day, another Masters set that nobody asked for. This time, with a MSRP of US $13.99 per pack! And if you buy a box (MSRP of US $335ish, although it'll 100% be higher) you get a single super rare masterpiece! How amazing! Honestly though, fuck this set. Modern Masters 1 was honestly amazing, and it's just gone downhill ever since. I thought that MM17 was a step in the right direction, but obviously not.
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    New Forum Bug List

    long shot but a request to change background color of spoilers on SPUFSpooky and SPUFOrange to not be white so you can actually read what's there.
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    A Hat in Time has to easily be the coziest game I've ever played. Sitting my ass down in my comfiest clothing while it rains outside playing this game is a real treat.