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    Anime General Discussion

    In the new content preview your sentence ended at “understanding Japanese” and now I’m hearing Japanese with a Minnesotan accent in my head. It’s not good!
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    John Caveson

    TF2 general

    Nah, it's just Wicket being, well, Wicket. Ready Steady Pan Season 4 signups are on. If any of y'all are interested in that anyway. https://pan.tf/pages/home
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    Mag's the best if you want to do Hijack. If not, I've got a Capacitance Volt ready to give you a hand. But Europa IS a step up in difficulty. To the point that they removed Namaah, the Raptor Boss Fight, from the requirements for Saturn. More importantly though: Start maxing your Serration, Hornet Strike and Pressure Point mods. Intensify, Vitality and maybe Steel Fiber too if you can.
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    You can also go Inaros or Nidus and the vehicle will drain your health to move.
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    Stackbabbin' Bumscags


    Oh wait, Hijack isn't the right mission type I was thinking of, that was Pursuit. Still, it's a bit of a meh mission type, picking a frame that's got an easy way to replenish shields (Mag, Harrow, Trinity with the Vampire Leech augment) or frames that can add a separate health pool (Rhino and Nezha) are good ones to take.
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    That can't be a marine, he's not eating crayons.
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    A 1970 Corvette

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    It's pushed to web and I can't figure out how to stop it. Steam web on the new design is so fucking trash for my Surface. First of all, everything requires double clicking which is impossible to do with the Surface's touch (it just zooms in instead) so I HAVE to use the fucking keyboard. Also I can't drag anything because I don't have a mouse on my tablet, so the whole friend selection thing is impossible to use too. Avatars (or names, I dunno) don't render in my chat so I can't even see the names on the chat. It just [big blank spot]: [text]. Not to mention the really dumb "timestamps don't display except for the most recent one" design which is the WORST. What do I gain from this fucking chat update? The text automatically scrolls on Steam Web which is an upgrade from before, but that's mitigated by having to fucking use the keyboard trackpad clicking to navigate chats. Shitty update.
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    E3 2018

    I can't believe Mario and Megaman are dead.
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    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    This game is currently free on GoG.
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    General DeGroot

    E3 2018

    so uh[snickers] d-do you guys have[nearly cracks up] battleto-[WHEEZE] BATTLETOADS???