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    you're fucked bro but hope the battle is well fought
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    When people change their avatars I assume that they are new posters that I've never interacted with before.
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    Shit, man. Glad you're okay. I'd still consider seeing a doctor, though. That sounds like a pretty serious impact.
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    My country is one of the few left that still has mandatory conscription at age 18. I was declared eligible for service at that time, but had it in my head that I wanted to pursue a university degree instead. Luckily for me I pulled a high number (20022 to be exact) and that pretty much guaranteed I wouldn't be called upon. A few years down the line after struggling with my studies I eventually found myself without any kind of driven purpose or goal and mildly depressed for that reason. I quit university and signed up for the military. After about six months wait time I started basic and I've been with the army ever since.
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    I'm pretty sure there's a portal to hell in the kitchen. Spiders of course but they're locals so that's nothing new. But ants? Rats? Stupid bugs that get in grains and shit out larvae in them? I swear at least 30 rats have been zapped by the rat zapper or caught in rat traps - not an exaggeration either - and yet I still see those fuckers all the time and their shit all over the microwave! You really gain a new appreciation for "rat" as an insult after having them. Got half a mind to seal off the kitchen and mix some ammonia and bleach and smoke those fuckers out. Or more likely just get a fumigation team to do that without killing myself.
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    Medicinal Warlock

    TF2 general

    fantastic haul this year.
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    Had a really harrowing dream last night where I got some kind of cleaning job for a "cemetary" except for some reason people were buried in these kinds of pipes that went deeper and deeper into the ground. I cleaned one little altar with a picture of the deceased person on it and then had to crawl down deeper into the pipes for the next altar. I could barely fit through the pipes and they constantly made S-bends demanding me to turn around mid descend and not only was I petrified I could get stuck at any moment it was also very clear that it was not physically possible to climb up again due to how the pipes bent
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    Can't really say more than keep at it Wulff and good luck, although one whole more year sounds awful
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    I signed up, and I am preety certain Wulff also did.