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    Time for a definitive list of the Top 10 Virtual Youtubers. Hey howdy ho, SPUFFriends. Have I got a treat for you! Today I bring my most thrilling tier lists to the world of Virtual Youtubers! I’m a bit on the uncultured side, however, so extensive research was needed prior to the making of this list. On my travels I learned two important things… 1. Virtual Youtubers are racist sons of bitches. 2. I don’t have the time to watch a bunch of 15+ minute videos. That being said, I didn’t actually do any real research, and have instead opted to do what any reasonable person would do. Select a couple dudes and dudettes and base my list solely off of my own assumptions. So here goes. The Definitive Virtual Youtuber Tier List And now you know who the best Virtual Youtubers are! If you think that I forgot anybody, then please tell me. (Not really though because I wouldn’t have any idea who the Hell you were talking about.) That’s all for this tier list. Goodbye for now.
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    My fate is intertwined with that of SubSPUF. When I die, I'm taking all of you with me!
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    I'm not trapped in here with you you're trapped in here with me
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    Firefox Jake spilled coffee all over the servers and disabled all my (and a shitload of other people's) add-ons. Saw an ad on Youtube just now. An ad - can you believe it? These are the end times.