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    Primal Phoenix

    TF2 general

    Don't ban me
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    checked the wiki guys, it's legit:
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    I got voted to give the graduation speech for my Master’s class :D
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    TF2 general

    Probably best not to try and sound superior in a post about you getting scammed in such a textbook way and in what I can only describe as "like that bikecuck guy", buying back all your shit with zero intention to try and contact anyone with authority
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    brb drawing fanart of voidglare No color because I'm lazy but here you go
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    Since Cactus just reminded me of it, and I'm such a NICE GUY, here's the entirety of the Jag Whacking thread, which I archived: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V5tAzJj7evJ7XWd8vF7Ze0W2PQhhhtCc Never ask me for anything ever again.
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    Dr. Rynjinstein, MD

    TF2 general

    I still don't regret infecting myself with who knows what kind of malware to get that.
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    for a while now we've been doing stupid anime and other joke traceovers of our DnD party, so now you guys get to see the ones i did
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    It's on the official ohoho channel, it checks out: If you aren't familiar with the ohoho that channel is a good place for research.
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    This week’s SPUF of Legend is a lecture I gave at school about the development, gameplay, and legacy of Team Fortress Classic!
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    Hello all! It has come to my attention that a very large majority of you, my SPUFFY Friends, are really into monster girls! (You bunch'a freaks!) Thankfully, I'm not one to judge all that much, and in fact, I have come here today to give you guys an official ranking of all sorts of monster girls! Consider it a fantastic dating guide for all things monster girls. (I'm an actual expert, with a degree in Monstergirlology.) That way, those of you who insist to fawn over a magical creature at least do so properly! Here we go, I present to you all, THE DEFINITIVE MONSTER GIRL TIER LIST! The DEFINITIVE Monster Girl Tier List! And now you all know which monster girls are the most acceptable to have the hots for! Please bear in mind that, like all my ranking lists, this list is indisputable by nature. Any attempts at arguing it will be met with heavy criticism. That being said, if you like a Monster Girl who didn't make the cut, then it's time to get an upgrade. I suggest Insect-Girl. There's plenty of her to go around!
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    A 1970 Corvette


    I have absolutely nothing in common with any of you. 説明:
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    I'm glad, maybe soon I'll be able to get a graphics card for less than the price of a yacht. Fucking miners.
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    I'm awfully close to 1776 rep. The commencing is coming.
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    Ya’ll are years behind people programming things by entering 40,000 frame perfect inputs in Super Mario World and then wrongwarping into the resulting program
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    Heya, pals! I’ve been playin’ some TF2 lately (the only game I’m any good at), and I couldn’t help but notice that a bunch of the players have really bad taste in fashion. But that’s ok, because I, LordAIDS Monkey, am here to show you all how it’s done! Yes, today I’d like to share with all of you the BEST TF2 COSMETIC LOADOUTS OF ALL TIME! Yippee! I will share with all you good folks FOUR amazing loadouts for each class, so that you too can play TF2 in style! Here we go! Scout!: Soldier!: Pyro!: Demoman!: Heavy!: Engineer!: Medic!: Sniper!: Spy!: Now you know which cosmetic sets you need to hurry up and get! Make it quick, before the trading community notices just how perfect these sets are! Because when they notice them, they’ll be sure to inflate the prices! Anyway, that’s all for now! I hope you all love these wonderful sets as much as I do. If you don’t love them, then you’ve clearly got a bad taste, and are probably some kind of Ear-Bills loving punk! Bye now!
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    I just looked at my phone and realised that if I posted this a few minutes earlier it would be 20:17, so I'm sorry for missing that opportunity. Otherwise I'm a little earlier this year, wanted to finish some great shows from the fall season such as Blend S. Ben pestered me to do this again since he is excited to share, so here I am, with another big jpeg. How did we like 2017? Can a year without any Jojo (except for an OVA that I think came out in september?) really be worth looking into? Can any girls be considered 'cute' nowadays when you're probably just going to find out way too late that they have a penis? Most importantly, can anything even come close to Kemono Friends? Winter Spring Summer Fall Chart Template So this was my original draft for the chart, but after realising, through some severe cognitive dissonance, that my friends and I watched Your Name a full year after its release, I have had to edit the chart slightly. See below.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    A decade old today