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    Primal Phoenix

    TF2 general

    Don't ban me
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    I got voted to give the graduation speech for my Master’s class :D
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    Today's article a brand new writer (Spoiler: me) joined the ranks of The Daily SPUF and presented the today's perspective of Destiny 2. As of now you grab the game for $12 bucks on Humble Bundle. The only caveat is that it does NOT include any DLCs, only the vanilla product. Ohh... and you can also read Medic's thoughts on the beta if you haven't already.
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    TF2 general

    Probably best not to try and sound superior in a post about you getting scammed in such a textbook way and in what I can only describe as "like that bikecuck guy", buying back all your shit with zero intention to try and contact anyone with authority
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    brb drawing fanart of voidglare No color because I'm lazy but here you go
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    Why hello there SPUFFriends! So, it's been quite a bit since E3 passed, and there wasn't much that really got my attention. Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, was the most interesting thing for me so let's talk about it! During the trailer Nintendo introduced the idea of Echo Fighters (which is just a glorified way of calling someone a clone, right?), and I wanna talk a bit about whom we can expect to have revealed in the coming months! Not only that, but it also might be worth my while to dump a couple of other characters who are definitely gonna be playable in the next game, so without further ado, I present to you good people 20, count 'em 20...! All new characters we can totally expect to see revealed in the next game. I'd say the odds of all 20 making the cut is about a 98% chance, so be prepared as there are definitely gonna be some realie dealie spoilers up ahead. (By spoilers, I mean totally accurate ass-pulls.) And take warning, my friends, for this post contains artwork by yours truly. And before you ask, no, I am not proud of it. So get cozy in your little chair (or wherever you are) and enjoy! So first let's talk about the Echo Fighters. They seem pretty interesting, I guess. They're clones, but with by using the term "echo" they sound a Hell of a lot more promising! This first list here contains some characters who I think have a real shot at making it into this next game! ALL-BUT-CONFIRMED ECHO FIGHTERS?! Next up, we have 10 ALL NEW characters that will probably have playable roles in Smash Ultimate! Sakurai said we shouldn't expect much, but I reckon that he was just trying to lower our expectations so when these characters are revealed, the internet will explode! THE ZANY NEW FACES OF SMASH BROS?! So that sums up the lists of characters whom I truly believe will make it into the next game. Some may seem a bit unlikely, but as the game promises... EVERYONE'S HERE! Except Waluigi LOL! Anywho, normally I save this sort of list stuff for simple status updates, but I felt the need to make this one an actual post so when Putt-Putt's reveal trailer comes out, I can come back here to post, "I TOLD YA' SO!" So now's time for a real discussion. Do these characters seem likely? Who do you think will make it into Smash Ultimate? Who do you WANT to appear in Smash Ultimate? That's all I've got to say for now. Until next time, this is LordAIDS Monkey, signing out!
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    Since Cactus just reminded me of it, and I'm such a NICE GUY, here's the entirety of the Jag Whacking thread, which I archived: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V5tAzJj7evJ7XWd8vF7Ze0W2PQhhhtCc Never ask me for anything ever again.
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    Because Valve doesn't want to make updates. They want to make money.
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    (Thanks to who made this, I've been saving it)
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    The Thread that Makes you go Hmmm

    Is the only reason we all stick around on this dying website because we have no one else to socialize with?
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    Dr. Rynjinstein, MD

    TF2 general

    I still don't regret infecting myself with who knows what kind of malware to get that.
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    for a while now we've been doing stupid anime and other joke traceovers of our DnD party, so now you guys get to see the ones i did
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    Dr. Rynjinstein, MD

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Yeah, it'd really suck to get scammed out of all your items twice.
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    Behold! Smash Bros. reveal art for some of the new and upcoming combatants! Poochy! Gru! Medusa! Professor WIllow! Godzilla! Putt-Putt! Kogasa! And some love for the anime rep we deserve, let's hear it for Yui!
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    Man, It's exactly one year, one month and one day since I joined The Daily SPUF.
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    Snatcher Cube

    Barely Useful Superpowers

    That kind of raw potential can only be granted by most powerful artifact in the universe: The Adequacy Gauntlet.
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    I'm awfully close to 1776 rep. The commencing is coming.
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    Caved and got a nintendo switch. Now to think of which games to get....
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    Was lookin at my town on streetview.