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    TF2 general

    No damn update page though.
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    Not intended to be that serious, but just something kicking around in my brain for a while. Basically I realized that a lot of popular internet songs came from a variety of places throughout Europe, but were often divorced from that context when people saw them. So I compiled a list of top two songs per European country that matter. (Well, all the ones that matter except Poland. I really really tried to get some songs from there, but the closest I came up with were from Sabaton, which can't count. I suppose I could go with Chopin, but as my standard elsewhere was not to use two songs from the same band that still doesn't get me to two.) This isn't intended to be definitive, since I had to stretch for a few countries. So please bitch about my choices. No really, please do that, I probably made suboptimal picks all over the place. ENGLAND:
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    I got voted to give the graduation speech for my Master’s class :D
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    Why hello there SPUFFriends! So, it's been quite a bit since E3 passed, and there wasn't much that really got my attention. Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, was the most interesting thing for me so let's talk about it! During the trailer Nintendo introduced the idea of Echo Fighters (which is just a glorified way of calling someone a clone, right?), and I wanna talk a bit about whom we can expect to have revealed in the coming months! Not only that, but it also might be worth my while to dump a couple of other characters who are definitely gonna be playable in the next game, so without further ado, I present to you good people 20, count 'em 20...! All new characters we can totally expect to see revealed in the next game. I'd say the odds of all 20 making the cut is about a 98% chance, so be prepared as there are definitely gonna be some realie dealie spoilers up ahead. (By spoilers, I mean totally accurate ass-pulls.) And take warning, my friends, for this post contains artwork by yours truly. And before you ask, no, I am not proud of it. So get cozy in your little chair (or wherever you are) and enjoy! So first let's talk about the Echo Fighters. They seem pretty interesting, I guess. They're clones, but with by using the term "echo" they sound a Hell of a lot more promising! This first list here contains some characters who I think have a real shot at making it into this next game! ALL-BUT-CONFIRMED ECHO FIGHTERS?! Next up, we have 10 ALL NEW characters that will probably have playable roles in Smash Ultimate! Sakurai said we shouldn't expect much, but I reckon that he was just trying to lower our expectations so when these characters are revealed, the internet will explode! THE ZANY NEW FACES OF SMASH BROS?! So that sums up the lists of characters whom I truly believe will make it into the next game. Some may seem a bit unlikely, but as the game promises... EVERYONE'S HERE! Except Waluigi LOL! Anywho, normally I save this sort of list stuff for simple status updates, but I felt the need to make this one an actual post so when Putt-Putt's reveal trailer comes out, I can come back here to post, "I TOLD YA' SO!" So now's time for a real discussion. Do these characters seem likely? Who do you think will make it into Smash Ultimate? Who do you WANT to appear in Smash Ultimate? That's all I've got to say for now. Until next time, this is LordAIDS Monkey, signing out!
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    Favorite game Mosaic

    Unsolicited opinions and queries: Solid picks, decent balance of old and new. 3/3 on the left ones but I've never played any of the others save for a little of Fallout and GTASA. What makes you pick Dragon Quest 8? I've been sort of interested in this series but, as with FF, sequels that go into the double digits make for an intimidating challenge to find an entry point to the series. I know extremely little about the Dragon Quest games apart from the little slime dudes. -100 points for lack of effort, but 5 points for putting names down, since this is one of the few 3x3s I can actually look up all the games from. Again, decent choices that align with my own tastes but really man? I apologise if you misunderstood, but not a single choice from 2013 carries over...? Maybe I'm on the wrong side of things here, thinking nostalgia counts towards what makes a game your 'favourite', but jeez. I do see that all of these are recent, and maybe that's what you were going for. But putting TF2 there if that's the case? Just confuses me. But yeah, great indie choices. Nice to see Celeste in particular. Doom, SMO and BoTW are three indisputable big boys that I can't really argue against. You're absolutely right about trap link too. Still haven't played superhot because I have NEVER seen it drop below £7 in a sale, which is usually the tipping point for me in terms of 'huh, gameplay looks interesting, worth a shot'. The only time I played it is in VR at a friends house and it was probably the coolest game we ended up playing. I just have the feeling the game will get old extremely quickly. I have heard great things about Yakuza 0, and I will probably snap it up during the next sale. 200 points for the theme, 20 points for smug hatgirl, 69 points for gerudo link, 1 point for DS2 (brave!!!), -100 points for lack of loyalty and all those games that you've cast to the gutter without a second thought Hmmm alright, not my cup of tea anywhere across the board here, and what you lack seemingly in platform variety you make up for in genres. Literally 8 games I've never played and TF2. Interesting middle pick, though. Not because I know the slightest bit about it, it just intrigues me from the image alone. Looks like it would be more trouble than it's worth to get into, however. 200 points for telling me to go fuck myself on the theme, 50 points for the game name being visible in every square but TF2, 6 points for describing your love/hate relationships with some of these games, making it clear your heart was involved in picking them, -500 points for the etf2l heavy Fuck you buddy, your fault for not posting before bed in the first place. HMM I wonder if there's anything on this list I like, HUH? Maybe, I don't know, over half of the fucking games??? Interesting changes in taste since 2012 and 2015 (oddly specific time gaps between these three). Nothing carrying over from the former...but 4 isn't bad for a 3 year gap. Still can't break my way into sunshine, despite it being lent to me for several months. Maybe I'll wait until I can come over to Germany one sweet summer when you're not on a boat and we can play it through together. I will be playing AA soon, and I don't see any reason why I won't grab the witness if it ever goes on sale. 300 points for the flawless theme, 100 points for excellent taste and likemindedness, 1 point because you're my best bud, 10 points for game titles, but -20 points because you didnt highlight them with opposing coloured backing like me!!!!! and -50 points for betraying hamtaro Good criteria. Again, lots of games I'm unfamiliar with, probably due to not owning a Gamecube or dreamcast. Lots of multiplayer games though, which is neat, I wish there was that many I would consider to be among my faves that I still played, so it's nice that you're still having fun with all of those, I'm a little envious. Quick rundown on the modding scene of OoT? I have no idea how that would even work. 50 points for the cute girl, 20 points for the abundance of colour, 30 points for your nice written experiences for each game, -1000 points for a MOBA REEEEEE Again that's understandable. I might not want to go back and replay Minish Cap, as an example, right this second, but I still get the itching for it and would recommend it to someone who was interested in playing that sort of game. I think that's what makes them my favourites. Not the fact that they're better than other games (like I said, gen 2 pokemon kinda sucks objectively) but they still mean the most to me out of the hundreds of vidya I've played through. Maybe they just hit me at the right time in my life and when I was feeling just the right emotions, but they still manage to hit those notes even today, even if I have my grips with them from an objective point of view. Anyway, decent choices with a lack of variety but they are all good games, so you do you! Despite my inability to enjoy planetside it's cool to see that it has the depth to keep you invested for that long. And yeah, BoTW is so fundamentally different to the others that I can understand why someone who doesn't like the series could play it for hours on end. Both you and my friend Josh talking about odst has made me really want to go back and play it again, because honestly I don't remember the slightest thing about it except the horde mode multiplayer. I will have to dig out the disc from the pile of old games in my closet. Actually I just went and did that and found it...but maybe I should just watch a longplay of it.... -100 points for laziness!!!! 101 points for contributing and giving your opinions!!!! Haven't played many of these but they are probably good!! I don't know what a few of them are but I like that little worm dude!!!! 10 points for games i know, 10 points for games i've never played 20 points for HMM3 because I've heard that's good! -20 points for uh...no gushing. i like gushing. wanna hear you gush about worms. I kinda just made mine from scratch in gimp, it let me drag stuff around easily under a top grid layer. Good ass top line babey, anyone with HGSS in their top 10 is a supreme taste overlord in my books, and I agree that Furi showing up is a good thing. Man I love that game. You seem to be the forefront on metroid around here so is there any recomendations for getting into it, considering the jpg shown at last years e3 might give me a third reason to validate my switch purchase? I assume that's Prime, I am completely clueless on the series apart from the GDQ memes. Also does Black Mesa have any cool alien environments considering you say Xen is missing? Seems like a bummer to me if not, but yeah I haven't kept up with that since it was announces. I have no idea who that dude on the throne is. 100 bonus points for being the thread creator, 500 points for heart gold, 100 points for retaining a decent number of your original mosaic, -50 points for no psychonauts...what happened man.... :( 50 points if the throne dude is from psychonauts. I actually have no idea. I recognise...two? And I haven't played them? INtrigued by the cat though. 90 points for obscurity, 150 points for the cat, -200 points for SNOOTINESS, INJOKES, OBSCURITY, AND LACK OF TITLES is for the ANIME mosaics, wheres your GUSHING???? WHO IS THE CAT???
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    Since Cactus just reminded me of it, and I'm such a NICE GUY, here's the entirety of the Jag Whacking thread, which I archived: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V5tAzJj7evJ7XWd8vF7Ze0W2PQhhhtCc Never ask me for anything ever again.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Poker Night 1 was way better than Poker Night 2. I felt the characters got along better despite their insane differences, each of them had a thing in common with each other character.
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    Because Valve doesn't want to make updates. They want to make money.
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    Favorite game Mosaic

    Reviving this thread because I'm genuinely a little curious as to how tastes change over time, and also Ben jumped the gun on me in actually making a new one. Tried to shoehorn in a theme rather than make it look nice because I'm not smart, but at least it didnt take me very long. Hope theres some more dogs in undertale 2ch2 In order of least likely to get removed from this list to most: Honourable mentions/series I didn't want to put in twice:
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    Raison d'être

    We Media Now: TF2 Edition

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    In the more general theme of this thread, if you want some random and bizarre Japan youtube videos, here's a few: This one is some dumb personality test and really not that weird (other then the Payday thumbnail) but it's funny to me because Eilene is essentially narrating it: And after browsing through like 100 japanese videos (on a fresh browser) to get the above videos, what is the top recommendation that youtube gives me? Conclusion: Youtube algorithm can't distinguish Poles from Weebs.
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    Heya there, my SPUFFriend! Remember back during my last post, where I cheated you out of a new Scream Fortress Idea by re-hashing an oldie from dead-SPUF? Well, I don’t. But I do remember that I promised that I’d bring some new and original TF2 Halloween content your way, so that’s what I’m here to do today! I’m gonna jump right into it, so get cozy in your little chair as I’ve got a lotta stuff to cover! (But a little less stuff than usual because no one actually reads this stuff, right?) tl:dr version: The mercs confront a surfing vampire that has sent the moon on a crash curse with the Earth. Yikes! Looks like the planet is in grave danger thanks to Rad Vlad’s carelessness! How are the mercenaries gonna be able to stop him? Glad you asked! So, the update will be split into 3 Days, much like past updates such as Love and War, each bringing all sorts of fun stuff! And UNLIKE Love and War, you’ll actually get to face off against the menacing monster on the last day! Three days remain! Day 1 will bring the stuff that no one cares about, such as hats and crates! The new hats will include all sorts of fun beach gear, as well as all sorts of spooky, community-made Halloween costumes for Pyro and nobody else. In the crates you can expect find one good (and rare) item, along with multiple low-tier trash hats, so you’ll have to spend lotsa money to get what you’re looking for. (Probably some kind of animal companion that'll become the most expensive item in the game.) Day 2 will bring other exciting goodies. We can expect to see a lot of new taunts based on the update, including an all-class taunt where your merc hops on a surfboard and is propelled around by a small wave. Whee! There'd also be a new taunt, Dancylvania, where the mercs to an awfully spooky dance. And maybe if we’re lucky, Day 2 will bring a few new weapons. Like a wooden stake for Spy. Day 3 will be the BIG day of the update, and the final showdown against the gnarly vampire himself! The new map, titled Vlad’s Castle, will be a control point map that takes place in Rad Vlad’s seaside home. The BLU mercenaries have discovered that in order to stop the moon from colliding with Earth, they must capture all the control points in the castle in order to turn off Rad Vlad’s moon machine! But that’s not gonna be very easy at all, because the RED Team will play the role of Rad Vlad’s surfer friends who also want in on the waves! A special look inside the all new map, Rad Vlad's Flooding Castle! But this control point map will be like no other! For you see, each time the BLU team captures a point, the water level will rise, causing Vlad’s Castle to flood bit by bit! This all new rising water mechanic will open up all sorts of new routes as the match progresses! The control points would be spread out across the multiple floors and rooms of Vlad's cool gothic castle, and would become accessible as water levels rise. But you must watch out for swarms of bats and other creepy creatures that may lurk within the walls of the castle, as they're always ready to pounce on you! And beware, for once the second-to-last point is captured, Rad Vlad will take matters into his own hands and will materialize from a swarm of bats! That’s right, Rad Vlad will be making an appearance as the boss character of this update, what a surprise! Rad Vlad will attack both teams, and can be defeated like a normal boss. However, the final control point can still be captured even when Rad Vlad has spawned. But he’s still a major threat for everybody! He’d have many attacks at his disposal, such as charging you down on his coffin surfboard, sending massive waves your way, turning into a horde of bats, and tossing around highly dangerous and explosive BOMBS! "Tonight I vill surf on a wave of blood! Ah-haha!" -Rad Vlad Once Vlad is defeated, he won’t respawn again for the rest of the match, so the last control point can be captured (or defended) with ease, which will hopefully put an end to this train-wreck of a map! If BLU wins, the moon is returned back into space where it belongs, but if RED wins, the moon collides with Earth, killing everybody. Also upon Vlad's defeat, you will be rewarded with some kind of achievement, and an all new surfer hat based off Rad Vlad’s! But that’s not the only new achievement that’ll come with this update. As always, Valve will end up deciding to make an achievement where you have to win on the map 666 times. Have fun grinding to get that one, friends! So, I guess that all wraps up this year’s spine-chilling Halloween Update Idea. While it’d be quite nice to get something this big and scary for Scream Fortress this year, we better not get our hopes too high. Because as we all know, TF2 is dead... and that is quite fitting for this spooky season! So expect nothing this year. Anywho, I’ll see you all next time when I bring back yet another classic from Old-SPUF that I’m sure none of you will remember! But until then, this is LordAIDS Monkey, signing out!
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    Raison d'être

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Recently I've been getting a shitload of bots (or maybe just really uncreative people) trying to scam random shit off me - despite the fact I don't really have much of anything worth a whole lot. A day's work at McDonald's will get you more than what I have - maybe I've been posted on some scammer forum under the title "LIST OF GULLIBLE RETARDS". Anyway I digress - so far all of these attempts have been really crappy and low effort, no spunk to it at all. But today* I met a couple guys who actually made some effort. *Well, the first one added me a couple weeks ago but never said anything and I forgot he existed until today. You'll notice some images in there, they're actually .gifs which is where I was most impressed. Here they are in their full glory: This is who I was supposed to send the trade offer to: https://steamcommunity.com/id/16361366675586878 I gotta tell you I fucking lost it when he told me to send it to my boy "Program : System Database" here (a limited account, according to Steam Guard), was not expecting that. If you were curious this is the trade I offered him: I do wonder how many kids have lost their shit to this type of scam though.
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    probably late on this but whatever it's gold
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    Heya there, SPUFFriends! The spooky season is creeping up on us once again, which means I’m here to bring you all a scary Halloween TF2 Update! This time around, I’ve brought you all an old favorite of mine from Old Spuf. How fitting it is to be resurrecting a dead post from a dead forum during these (almost) Halloween times, am I right? Anywho, this Blast From The Past® is based on the hit Pinocchio Halloween Update! For those of you who are unaware, the original update was based upon this teaser image from Scream Fortress 2014, in which I posted my prediction on what I thought it could mean for the future of TF2! Could it be... Pinocchio? And of course, like all my predictions, this one also turned out to be way wrong. But that’s okay, because maybe if I post it a second time, Valve will steal my idea and it’ll become a reality. But probably not, because Valve is a lazy bunch of shitters. But enough of my chattering! Let’s get down to business, as I present to you all this BONE RATTLING, AIDS MONKEY CLASSIC… THE PUPPET UPDATE! tl:dr version: Pinocchio turns giant and hungers for flesh. So, now the plan is to blast Pinocchio to bits. There is no mercy for the puppet boy, as his conscience is long gone by this point. (He smashed that with a hammer, too.) But how are the mercenaries gonna do that? Well, lucky for them, there just so happens to be a set of train tracks leading from their base directly to Gepetto’s Workshop. That means the plan is to push a giant bomb in there, thus ending the life of this eldritch abomination for good! Going off that, we can assume that this new map is indeed a standard Payload map. But not just any standard Payload map! This year, the TF2 team will be taking the lazy route and will be overlaying a classic and fan-favorite map. FRONTIER! One big difference in this version of Frontier is that the entirety of RED team has been transformed into Pinocchio’s undead puppet army! So that means that it is up to the folks on the RED team to defend their master, Pinocchio! An exciting and unique feature of this map will be that the announcer will be different depending on your team. BLU team will be treated to the friendly voice of Gepetto, while RED team will be forced to hear the ghastly and evil voice of Pinocchio. Now let’s take a look at this little re-imagining of the map here… It's just Frontier. But with puppets. As we can see, the cart (stylized after Monstro the Whale) will start in Pleasure Island! In this section of the map, you have to be on the lookout for donkeys that might attack you! It’s also advised that you avoid collecting any beer (or other temptations) scattered about this section of the map, or you might become a donkey yourself! Once the point is captured at Pleasure Island, you will progress onto the Pinnochio Village segment of the map, also known as the infamous uphill climb of Frontier. Here, there aren’t many hazards, but try to stay away from the cliffs, for Pinocchio’s greatest rival, MONSTRO lurks in the water below! After you’ve made it through the village, you will make your way into the heart of Gepetto’s workshop! However, it is much less happy and lively than usual because Pinocchio has unleashed his evil Pinocchio magic upon the place, making it much more scary! In here, you must look out for haunted clocks and creepy puppets that may attack you! Now this is where things get real interesting! Once the third point is captured, the cart will automatically progress toward the green line, marked as the Giant Doors. During this time, the entirety of RED team will be forced to respawn, and upon respawning will be restricted to melee weapons only. Why? For beyond the doors lie the most terrifying monster of all! A 50 FOOT TALL, SKELETON PUPPET PINOCCHIO! "THERE ARE NO STRINGS ON ME!" -Pinocchio That’s right! The little wooden head himself will be appearing as the boss battle in this update! Only BLU team gets the honor of battling him, though, as RED team will instead get to assist Pinocchio in the grand slaughter with their wimpy melee attacks! To defeat Pinocchio, you must shoot him with all the firepower you’ve got, which definitely will not be easy. Pinocchio will be standing inside the final bomb pit, and will have a wide variety of attacks to unleash upon the BLU heroes, including but not limited to… Launching Pinocchi-Nose lasers that will transform you into a puppet (that will attack your team!), launching marionette strings to tie you up, bashing things around with his mallet, and throwing highly explosive bombs that’ll be sure to blast you to smithereens! Upon defeating Pinocchio, he will be magically transformed into a real boy as he had wanted from the start. He will plummet down onto the track below, admiring himself and saying such cool things as, “Boy oh boy, it sure is nice to be a real boy for once!”, and, “High diddle dee dee, a real boy’s life for me!”. Unbeknownst to RealBoy! Pinocchio, the bomb cart will automatically progress forward after his defeat, moving semi-rapidly to the bomb pit! Neither team is allowed to interfere at this point, so all you can really do at this point is sit and watch as the cart collides with the young boy, sending both the cart and Pinocchio down into the bomb pit. At this moment, a large explosion capable of killing anything in a five mile radius goes off, and the round ends. (Which of course, gives the victory to BLU, and both teams are treated to the excited cries of Gepetto announcing a successful mission.) So that about sums up the gameplay portion of the update. But no update is acceptable without cosmetic stuff to clutter your backpack with. In this update, expect to see all new item sets based off of your favorite characters from Pinocchio! (But not Disney's version, because I'm not about to get my ass sued.) And with this update, you can also expect to see millions of new, community created cosmetics for the Pyro! And that about sums up this Halloween Classic that we can expect to see never. You may be thinking that I cheated ya’ll out of a good Halloween Update Post this year by re-using an old one, but stay tuned because I promise you all, good SPUFFriends, that I’ve got a nice and original Halloween Update coming up a little later down the line, so stay tuned for that! But until then, this is LordAIDS Monkey signing out!
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    You ever just remember an old forum you used to frequent exists and check it out, only to probably forget about it the next day and not look at it again for another three years?
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    This is still a fuckin bop
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    Dr. Rynjinstein, MD

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Yeah, it'd really suck to get scammed out of all your items twice.
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    Behold! Smash Bros. reveal art for some of the new and upcoming combatants! Poochy! Gru! Medusa! Professor WIllow! Godzilla! Putt-Putt! Kogasa! And some love for the anime rep we deserve, let's hear it for Yui!
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    Valve should make Half Life-3 but it's just Half Life Full Life Consequences.