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  1. i still got it guys526F4EAA8432225BEA999408864E2386F6137F4B

    1. General DeGroot

      General DeGroot

      Although at the end there I was lagging like a bitch

  2. I hate this world with a passion because somewhere out there, someone, thinks Donald Trump would make a good president

    This doesn't even concern me, I'm Canadian

    1. Arm the Homeless
    2. Jaydor


      Is it true that all Canadians are Canucks fans and have an unnatural fascination for funnels

    3. Arm the Homeless
  3. The only thing hard about mario 64 is the camera angles am i right fellas HEHEHEHEHEH

  4. *tips Glengarry Bonnet* M'laddy

    1. hugthebed2


      i heeeeaaaaaard of a wise canary

    2. Arm the Homeless
  5. What if Edd from Ed Edd n' Eddy is actually The Riddler(Eddie Nashton) after going total bonkers from the elitist demands of the American Education system

  6. happy birthday to me

    1. Rammite



  7. #GyokuGate

    1. Huff


      what happened to him

      he's one of my favorite posters

    2. Jaydor


      Gyoku did everything wrong

    3. Arm the Homeless
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  8. Suplex city, Bitch!

  9. I'm too beautiful to be banned from SPUF

  10. General DeGroot


    Hi, it's me, Gen. DeGroot of House SPUF. Artwork thread dude, former TF2 player, pretty decent dirigible pilot in Guns of Icarus. Uh...Hi.
  11. General DeGroot


    I don't remember my dreams. Sad.
  12. General DeGroot

    Guns of Icarus

    ​Yes you are, if you're below level 8. Essentially, novice is the Skial of Guns of Icarus and everything else is actually impressively coordinated.
  13. General DeGroot

    Guns of Icarus

    If anyone's looking for a pilot, give me a call. Can do everything except Spires(Bad pilot) Squid(Inexperience) and Mobula(Never piloted the thing).
  14. General DeGroot

    share your worst jokes

    ​yup. Mersopolis forced me to come here for Guns of Icarus reasons and now I'm looking back every now and then.
  15. General DeGroot

    share your worst jokes

    What do you call bears with no ears? B.