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    i had a dream that i rode my bike 40 miles to escape something and ended up at an open house touring in some neighborhood i didn't recognize. the neighborhood was part of some winding subdivision with tons of 50-ft+ trees that provided a constant shade. the whole area seemed to be in a very steep dip and was probably a major flood risk, but there were also bridges so maybe that implies water would collect beneath the habitable area. anyway it was a mid-size one story house that you'd expect to be less than 1400 square feet, but once you were inside it became a hell of a lot larger. there were 22-35 people outside and the tour leader called them in. i figured this'd be a good enough place to seek asylum from whatever was chasing me, so i followed. once everyone was inside, the doors locked. that of course was a really big red flag, but only a few people seemed genuinely distraught over it. said people tried beating down the doors or breaking the windows to no avail. the rest of the crowd moved along with the tour and eventually the panicked individuals caught up. i'm unsure of what exactly happened between these two points, but the next thing i knew i was in a hole-in-the-wall chinese restaurant. it was still within the house, that much was certain. there was a chinese couple who interchangeably served me. they were guests of the tour moments before. midway through my meal there was a knocking on the entry door. at first it was a generic knock, then a frantic pounding. it went on for a good 40 seconds before the waitress walked up to me, said "i'm sorry", and escorted me out the back door. once outside of the restaurant, i bolted down a massive hallway until i found an unlocked door. it led to a vacant library, and in the back of the library there was an emergency exit. i pushed it, and it opened to a parking lot. there was no alarm, and i continued running until i found a fire station. i knocked on the door repeatedly and it opened. as i walked through, i was taken back to the entrance of the house where everybody was gathered and about to leave as the tour was ending. then a thing that looked like skeletor materialized in the guest bathroom with a machete and ran out and chopped a guy's arm off and the guy did a really pathetic fake scream like you'd hear in a syfy movie and fell to the ground. then i woke up