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  1. There are 11 of me, I'm actually pretty surprised.
  2. I got some old e-Reader cards for Pokemon R/S. On the flipside, I bought my friend a Dr. Mario amiibo, and Dreamcast peripherals so that he can finally set up his console.
  3. Cell

    I remembered my password!!!

    Welcome back, it's been a long time!
  4. I got my wisdom teeth out last July. The surgery was fine but it was a bitch to recover. I made a full recovery in 9 days, but the first 3 are the worst.
  5. I now fit a size 13 US shoe

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    2. Razputin



    3. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      Sounds like Raz needs to walk a mile in our shoes.

    4. <Witty Name>

      <Witty Name>

      Sounds like Raz needs to stop being a godless commie hitler and wear shoes that cost more than a low-end laptop

  6. I'm not Irish, but my name is Patrick. What do I get?

    1. Guy923


      You get a shamrock, but it's not from Ireland.

    2. Grobag


      it's a sham shamrock

  7. Cell

    XYTWO memorial act thread

    Put down Patrick "Cell" Tomas for me.
  8. Cell


    Gift has been sent. Mine was also received.
  9. Cell

    Smache Brothers

    I'm getting smash 4 for christmas, so you can expect a lot of tears to be shed soon.
  10. Cell


    Well shit. You could have a full party of 6 in RSE, so it's really stupid that they made it only 3 max now.
  11. Cell


    Really? I thought that one guy had 6 Blisseys in his base and you could fight them all.
  12. Cell


    To be honest I don't think the AI will be intelligent enough to exploit Moody. Plus, Smeargle was the big abuser of Moody, not Bibarel. I'd say go for it. As for the champ thing, I don't mind either way if I have a ubers restriction or not, but it's up to you guys on that one.
  13. Last few hours to enter the R4 raffle! Winner will be declared soon after the deadline.

  14. Cell


    This is still a valid and easy option
  15. Cell


    If there's no auto-scaling, I have a powersave and a 999x Rare Candy code, so it wouldn't be too much of an issue.
  16. Cell


    Ask yourself this question, what type is Servine? Is it Dark? No? I believe we had a "1 uber legendary per team" thing going on?
  17. Cell


    OPEN TYPES We're still doing this when we are all set, right?
  18. Well, I beat Omega Ruby

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    2. Spycicle


      IS it even difficult, or X/Y piss-easy?

    3. Simon


      cell traded oras mons to xy, leveled them really fast, then went back and powered through it

      I'm going through it with the exp share off and having a good challenge so far.

    4. Cell


      Simon my master plan was an easy one

  19. Cell


    Rather large spoiler so I'm going to put it in tags(Currently going to the 6th gym) Spoiler
  20. Cell


    Currently going to Flannery soon at a time of approx 1:40
  21. Cell

    I need a non shit video file converter.

    I have to backup Binary on this one, Handbrake is excellent for that. It can also compress the video and lower the amount of space it takes up. I had a 10GB video reduced to a mere 553MB, and it still looked great.