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  1. Hey guys what's up? Oh, we elected that twat.
  2. more like Overhyped Overcasual Overwatereddown Overnerd (feel free to contact me for more sick burns)
  3. sup nerds Finally done with my junior year of college, so I have some room to breathe for once. Gonna' be teaching kids at a tech camp this summer, as well as doing a summer class on algorithms. Other than that, I'm hoping to build a proper gaming rig, get back into TF2, and start playing some more vidya in general and probably work on memes or something ye more memes
  4. So I'm back from the Midwest Furfest. Was a great time; I met up with a whole mess of online friends and ate deep dish pizza repeatedly. I also got a bunch of loud clothing and ironically watched a crime investigation drama. ama
  5. oh god MFF made me flamingly furry

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    2. Jordax


      Stuff like this makes me glad that the expo hall across the road holds fairly normal events.

      Apart from that time they hosted a paranormal expo. Shit was weird.

    3. <Witty Name>

      <Witty Name>

      ^Nah, that's just Corvette's daily life tbh

    4. Huff
  6. <Witty Name>

    Payday General

    hey guys I haven't played Payday in a while what's going on he-
  7. <Witty Name>

    Payday General

    ​The trailer is pretty (music = unacceptably good) but has almost nothing to do with the tone of the game, unfortunately.
  8. tony abbot BTFO

    1. FrozenFirebug
    2. <Witty Name>
    3. Jordax


      >Sacked four days before being eligible for PM pension payouts

      LGTSS: The retirement fund of Abott.

  9. <Witty Name>

    Too much story in videogames?

    Can't watch the video at the moment, but I do get a little bit bothered by the "Well, I play games for the story, not for the graphics or the flashy gameplay" argument A game with a fantastic story but mechanics scraped out of a dumpster filled with rancid spam is a terrible game, just like how a book with an amazing plot but grammar from second grade and spelling that'd embarrass a kindergartner is a bad book.
  10. <Witty Name>

    The IT thread.

    Strange. Have you tried using it on a different computer (especially one running a different operating system)?
  11. <Witty Name>

    Locked and Loaded: In Which Where We Post About Firearms

    but did he dual wield them? gotta dual wield the BRRRRRRRRT cannons
  12. <Witty Name>

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    ​i can still be your butt buddy
  13. <Witty Name>

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    so she's some kind of weird counterpart to SirActionSlacks?
  14. <Witty Name>

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    ​ number of opportunities to do a 360 noscope in phoenix wright: zero trash game