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  1. How the heck's everyone doing? It's been too long

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. LordAIDS Monkey

      LordAIDS Monkey

      Hello SPUFFriend. I don't know you, but I don't know anybody here anyways.

    3. Veez


      We implemented a new clause that after a set period of time, coming back allows for a second organ harvest. Hope you won't be needing those lungs.

    4. John Squidson

      John Squidson

      Welcome back. You just missed the battle with your evil twin: Shrinkbox.

  2. Grobag


    Is there a post with everyone's Blizzard tags somewhere? Grobag#21115 over here. I only started playing at the free weekend but I'm fucking HOOKED. This game's pretty good
  3. Grobag


    Got a bbq tonight, might be around for some games tomorrow though
  4. Grobag

    SPUF Refuge Thread

    No, SPUFers' will do just fine
  5. Grobag

    Battlestation/Living Space Thread

    Business on the left, party on the right
  6. Grobag

    What song are you listening to RIGHT now?

    Early Christmas present from King Gizz
  7. Grobag

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    Limbo is well good, definitely get it. I don't think the physics were wonky at all, just took a little getting used to
  8. Grobag

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    PayPal just sent out an email saying that the Steam sale starts on the 23rd, looks like he was right.
  9. With that price range you could definitely get an SSD and an HDD, especially seeing as you're not going for a super-high-end CPU/GPU. I'd say an SSD is definitely worth it, you can get away with a small one for just your OS and then get a 1TB HDD for everything else. Just looked it up on Amazon and there were some 120GB SSDs for £35, which is like $50. The best part about self-building is getting all the parts as cheap as possible. If you haven't already used it, pcpartpicker.com is a super-handy tool that compares prices from major sellers for different parts, and tells you whether or not things are compatible. If you want to save even more, look around for second-hand monitors and cases (and maybe even other parts, but new is probably better for most of the actual PC components).
  10. Grobag

    Benchmark your rig.

    I don't know what this means really
  11. Grobag

    Headphones went kablooey

    I've had the same Gioteck Ex-05 headset for like 4 years now I think. It's got good sound quality, a good mic, is super comfy and can also work with consoles if you feel so inclined. They're pretty cheap off Amazon, the only negative reviews I've seen are about durability but mine have been fantastic. If you do get one then I'd recommend having a cable tie handy though because the leads are pretty long.
  12. Man, I sure love Walkers crisps