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  1. oi mate u cookin a shrimp on da barbie ey mate?

    Silver 1 Powered.png

  2. excelsior intensifies 4 lyfe

  3. Even the most well-traveled ship spends a few days in port every now and then. stop slut-shaming, shitlord.
  4. no, Noah got killed by walkers silly
  5. I thought I explained the ASM Australian Scout Medallion
  6. cheers bruh, lemme change some settings so you normies people can see it EDIT: can't make it public, thanks Facebook
  7. so Run the Jewels is hosting Rage tonight and I'm like: "fuck yes Rage actually has good programming tonight" "pfft" - dad Portishead and Massive Attack have been played, think I might've heard Björk at one point guys, how do I tell my dad he is pleb EDIT: add Nas, Jay-Z, RatM, D'Angelo, Faith No More, N.W.A, Snoop (Doggy) Dogg, Notorious B.I.G, MOTHERFUCKING FLYING LOTUS and Outkast to the list
  8. "Them tunes were bumpin'." just got an A, cheers dude :^)
  9. I have an assignment due in 10 minutes on the 1974 and 2013 versions of The Great Gatsby movies' soundtracks. i haven't even written out a whole paragraph and I haven't even seen a quarter of each movie due to being sick. HELP
  10. why do people rag on Dragonforce, listening to Inhuman Rampage now and it's bretty gud

    1. kayohgee


      Apparently they suck live and can barely play any of their songs.