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  1. Germans can't spell my surname to save their lederhosen even though it's pronounced the exact same way in Dutch as in German
  2. Razputin

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Some of the spirit world fights are absurdly hard, the ho-oh one kills me in seconds every time
  3. ^that is fucking fascinating In other news I slipped with my bike yesterday and chipped a piece of bone in my wrist. I have to wear a cast for two weeks which is an absolute nightmare seeing that I'm right in the middle of my phd
  4. Razputin

    New Forum Bug List

    To be fair with your name I wouldn't even be certain I typed it right with black on white text
  5. Razputin

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    Playing a good standard for the first time since tarkir really made me realize how obnoxious modern can be. Together with yet another no changes banlist update it's probably making me take a break from modern. At least the new arclight phoenix decks look sweet
  6. I am always fascinated with how these kinds of completely fucktarded decisions manage to come to fruition from a giant company's hivemind. Most of the time its WotC business decisions but this tumblr thing is of the same category. I mean everyone on the internet can see that this wouls cut their traffic in half on top of being impossible to filter for properly. And this idea isn't just one idiot with a big red "fuck it all up" button, this is entire meetingfulls of well paid and educated adults all unanimously approaching the density of a black hole. I guess it's for advertisement's sake? Is that really worth cutting your traffic in half for?
  7. Razputin

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    Cant deny the influx of cookiecutter cgi mtg art nowadays, but I'd still be downright embarassed to publicly play FoW with its anime tiddy art Good thing theres noone to play it with
  8. Razputin

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    Why would I need that many anime tiddy coasters
  9. Razputin

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    It's actually very easy to get a UMA box for 240 bucks now and I'm seriously considering it, that IS some fucking value right there But on the other hand I could buy a switch with that money
  10. Razputin

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    It's also going to be the last masters set Someone really has to explain wotcs extreme aversion to reprints to me because I dont get it from a business standpoint
  11. Razputin

    Favorite game Mosaic

    @Silent I don't know THAT much about Metroid to be honest, I am mostly a huge fan of the prime series; Metroid Fusion and the original Metroid are the only 2 2D Metroids I finished. I've started Super Metroid like four times, kinda forgot about it and then had to restart because I had no idea where I was. But yeah I obviously greatly recommend the Prime series, all 3 of them are amazing although I would say 1 is yet another level above the other two; I wrote a big splurgy comment about the game here. If you want a really good 2D "Metroid" I'd recommend the indie game Axiom Verge; it's not so much a homage to metroid as it is just straight up a metroid game As for Psychonauts no longer being on the list (throne guy is a Civ 5 leader), although it's still the funniest game I;ve ever played and the writing is SSS tier, the gameplay is just kind of poopy at times. It'd still be in my top 16 though
  12. Razputin

    Favorite game Mosaic

    Even though I loved the game, honestly I see Superhot as the epitome of wasted potential. The gameplay is amazing but the storymode is over in like two hours and I found myself skimming through plot because they really failed the metagame narrative they tried to pull. With only 1 type of enemy and maybe 6 different weapons I had to laugh when the credits read "thanks to our backers for letting us make Superhot with our fullest creativity" or something along those lines
  13. Razputin

    Favorite game Mosaic

    The site I posted in the OP refused to take some pictures and cropped the civ V logo Kraszu also used wrong the entire time so I kinda gave up -It's fucking great to see how much love Furi gets on these forums because the game is amazing -shoot me but I think Black Mesa is better than original Half Life, Xen missing is a good thing since Xen is obnoxious as fuck -why do I still play TF2 weekly
  14. Razputin

    Favorite game Mosaic

    Wow I was just thinking about updating this the other day and I go to subspuf to see it already bumped. I'm also very curious to see how everyone's taste has changed I'll update my own in a bit