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  1. It's only two days, I'll be back on schedule tomorrow night probably. But it's annoying as I got a ton to do tomorrow
  2. TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    It's p good for a while but grinds on for way too long. Basically what happens with 80% of popular shows
  3. TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    Does anyone still watch the walking dead? I finished the latest session this week but i couldn't tell you why, it was total garbage. A whole season of nothing happening beyond the first episode And then I walk into a mediastore and see them advertising Negan like they are actually proud of writing the edgiest goofiest "charismatic" villain I have ever seen. Crowning moment being that, although he is a vicious gruesome psychopath serial murdering tirant, we have to make absolutely sure that it's clear this guy does not condone rape. Full frontal smashing someones head in with a baseball bat until their eyes pop out we can spin into a charismatic character but rape would be a bridge too far
  4. I went to bed at 5am two nights in a row and I think it fucked my sleeping rhythm. Now i gotta wake up in 4 hours and I feel exhausted but just can't seem to fall asleep
  5. TF2 general

    One out of four new items being a throwaway joke after more than a year of waiting was idiotic go begin with The more time has passed since the pyro update the less I liked the update, dragon fury might be fun but the normal flamers just outdamage it, and wm1ing is now actually too good doing WAY too much damage for how easy it is to spam. It also doesnt help that the new flame visuals are much brighter making it hard to see where the pyro is exactly.
  6. TF2 general

    I got reminded again of the 4 stupid youtube view achievements and then of replays in general. And then about the halfassed tutorials that no longer work. And then the coaching system. And then duels still being "season 1". TF2 has so much bloat of features that were inplemented and then dropped before they were finished, I'd actually like a deletion update that just straight up removes functions they have no interest in fixing anymore
  7. TF2 general

    In other news, rapidly clicking mouse1 with flamethrowers instead of holding it down now does an absurd amount of damage. I guess it's because of what TheOnlyGuyEver already posted here, and clicking makes the particles slower and thus linger inside the hurtbox I've also seen people wiggle around their aim on purpose but I'm not 100% certain that works
  8. TF2 general

    That's actually kinda interesting; how did people get into tf2? For me it was mostly portal memes; saw the orange box on sale and it had portal so I bought it, finished portal and the hl2s before even touching tf2. Then after getting into it a bit I found this video because a friend got me listening to Pendulum And then I got turbo hooked even though my pc couldn't really run tf2 and I mostly played it at that same friend's house
  9. Magic 2014

    I'm not sure which one I played exactly, it was the one with the tf2 promo items. I remember losing some games because of autotapping mana at least.
  10. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    And so EA will go into history for permanently seriously damaging the gaming industry by pushing the limit until it broke I expect/hope the EU will enforce an 18+ rating on lootbox games instead of pulling an Australia and banning games outright
  11. Magic 2014

    Magic 2014 is a game I played M2014 briefly, but although it is pretty entertaining it is so limited compared to paper magic or other digital games. If I recall there are really odd limitations on what can be in your deck and it autotaps mana for you which can fuck you over
  12. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm super jelly
  13. Anime General Discussion

    I thought Jonathan was boring as shit and I went through it waiting for when the stands would kick in which according to everyone on the interrnet is the greatest thing Then Joseph came along and I loved that shit, great bad guys too but still no stands Then Jotaro came and stands became a thing and I realized it's just a monster of the week show and I stopped after 5ish episodes. But apparently it still becomes good afterwards?
  14. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Every great thing valve ever did eventually spawned horrible things Half Life started the realistic shooter craze TF2 started lootboxes Portal started obnoxious videogame fanbases Old Valve started Current Valve