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  1. Jordax

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    So I've been playing Rising Storm 2 lately. While the gameplay and gunplay feels more solid than in RS1 so far, one of the most noticeable cons is that the voice acting isn't nearly as good as in RS1/RO2, partially due to Tripwire's CEO becoming a rather hardcore Christian, and thus, putting limits on the amount of swearing characters can do in their games. Despite these all being games that are about either massive wars or zed apocalypses wherein a lot of living beings get shredded to very tiny bits. It's a good thing that despite that, that the playerbase of Rising Storm 2 does a stand-up job in filling in the voice acting gaps left by Tripwire in almost every round.
  2. Fridays are comfy unless you have a deadline on Friday. Which has been the case for me in the last few weeks, and this week too at that.
  3. Jordax

    SPUF Refuge Thread

    I am still mad how they made Alohan Marowak's signature move pretty much Move Relearner either by putting it in the level-up list just ONE level before it can evolve.
  4. Jordax

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Are these the signs of the end times?
  5. Jordax


    Pokken getting a Switch port is pretty neato though.
  6. Jordax

    Killing Floor 2

    It's pretty neat that Tripwire will finally do those Summer Sideshow Events in KF2, although that new Sharpshooter rifle they have teased looks like a fucking abomination. It's like the M14 and the Winchester decided to have an exceptionally ugly baby.
  7. Jordax

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Tripwire is a close follow-up with Killing Floor 2. I cannot understand for one bit why they thought some of their balance changes were a good thing. There are, and there have been periods of months were certain classes were nerfed into the ground, and early on in development, the most cardinal sin was that the only boss at that point could two-hit literally everyone from Hard difficulty onwards with an attack that took like half a second per hit and hit like five times in a row if you couldn't dodge it. Not to mention their other flawed design choices at the start, such as making welding completely fucking useless for like a year and a half before they gave the Support class the ability to repair broken doors. Speaking about other devs dropping the ball, I would want to give it to Avalanche Studio's for Just Cause 3's optimisation. I really, really want to like the game, but it's like a coin-toss if it decides to work at a decent framerate, and when it does, it is the question if it doesn't decide to fill up my SSD with a few extra GB of VRAM because it has memory leaks out the ass. It especially stings considering how well Just Cause 2 ran on everything including borderline toasters. Christsake, I got a constant 60fps on JC2 on a 220 GT, that's how well optimised that game was. Same can be apparently said for Arkane Studios and Dishonored 2 compared to Dishonored 1.
  8. The Parrot was the true MVP of that case.
  9. What is it with AI programs and developing unintended personalities, I can still remember Microsoft's AI Twitter program going full /pol/ in less than a day of being launched.
  10. Jordax


    I hope that they at least give an option for a higher difficulty, Gen VI's difficulty was sorely lacking in general.
  11. Jordax

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Or some random game updates that take up a fuckton of GB. One of the latest examples: Dirt Rally had a patch lately that added full VR compability to the game. While that is a nice feature to have for the few dozen Dirt Rally players who have a VR set and want that maximum immersion, the patch added a hefty 11.5 GB to the game files, and I am fairly sure that there are more players whose hard drives started fuming or their data cap filled up for the month because of said patch than there are players who play Dirt Rally while wearing a VR set.
  12. Jordax

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Most games in the last few years take up too much space. Apparently most of it get caused by developers not bothering to compress audio files anymore, leading to the game's audio taking up at least half the game size. I might as well buy a new HDD with the way things are going.
  13. Has anyone tried it with a bottlecap yet?
  14. Some of my friends just use another beer bottle to open other beer bottles. It's not fancy either, but hey, it apparently works.