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  1. Looking for advice on the 1-minute trailer I made for my current game project (link included). Can you understand the gameplay even if you've never seen the game before? 


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    2. aabicus


      @Tails Thee Fox Good call! We swapped one scene out for a third-person shot to show what the game looks like while playing. :D (It's the scene at 0:24)



    3. Medic


      Does it make sense if I suggest you need shorter clips? Each clip feels a little bit too long, giving one too much information rather than making them want more?

    4. aabicus


      Yeah, I can believe it. I used a premade song so the clips are synced to the rise and fall of the beat. Only afterwards did our sound guy tell me he wants to try making custom music for our trailers, so going forward we can make it faster and at whatever pace we want