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    teh Last Door?

    Do u know wot a thespian si?
    Would u say thespian or thesbian?
    wot kind of grudges do u ahve?

    wot si nine times six?

    To kill or not to kill a mockingbird?
    Tequila or not tequila mockingbird?

    Which Impossible Quiz can help u find hidden meanings?
    Why did teh Mexican push his wife off of a cliff?

    wot fi I nailed my finger to a birdhouse accidentally?
    wot fi I dropped my phone?
    Or encountered my clone?
    wot fi I get mononucleosis?
    wot fi my house got foreclosed?
    wot fi I had a cat, n it exploded?
    wot fi I woke up in a trunk?
    wot fi my best friend went steampunk?
    wot fi I met real pirates?
    wot fi there was an awkward silence?
    wot fi I say something unintentionally racist?
    wot fi I was an adult with braces?
    wot fi I can't swim?
    wot fi I am visited by Mr. Timn?
    wot fi I fed teh troll?
    wot fi I'm being attacked by a narwhal?
    wot fi teh apocalypse started?
    wot fi I ahve a recurring dream where teh world runs out of bacon?

    Which person do u think will do teh next AMA?

    r brains better than brawn?
    Bread, melons, or lemons?

    Would u give Fimmian a sweet roll in exchange for calming pants in real life?
    Would u care to donate to Sheogorath's brain pie?

    Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo?

    wot would happen fi Pinnochio said, "My nose si going to grow now."?
    fi Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly, how did it fall off?
    fi teh opposite of sky si earth, n teh opposite of rim si middle, then si Middle Earth teh opposite of Skyrim?
    Do seagulls ahve better-looking legs than chickens?
    si Doctor Who better than Tony Stark?

    Can u make a picture of a Toa in a toga getting towed by a toad in a toe themed tow truck?

    Why don't people understand that I get more information from teh answers to these question than just teh answers?

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  1. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Well then... Good thing I already have it. It would be cool to try a campaign with other people, so please do buy it.
  2. Mersopolis: The Voice

    Phrick. It's been so long. I don't even have any half-decent microphone to use.
  3. share your worst jokes

    There was a king who had 600 servants. He had 100 for cooking, 100 for cleaning and building, 100 for farming, 100 for tending to the horses and trade caravans, 100 for delivering messages and items as well as attending to the needs of the nobles in his court, and 100 for guarding his estate. Every few days, he would have his magic mirror show him his servants one at a time as they worked so he could check on them and make sure that they weren't getting in trouble. A rival king from far away declared war and laid siege to his home castle. The enemy forces managed to breach the gate and begin laying waste to the king's property and people. The guards eventually managed to drive them back, but only after some heavy losses. The king had been informed that many of his servants had been killed or captured and taken to work for the rival king. To know just who was missing, he checked on each of them in his magic mirror. It showed him his distressed servants that lived and the corpses of those that were slain, but for some, the mirror could not show him and merely informed him that they were not found, which must have meant that they were captured and taken. The king became more and more crestfallen as he checked. "39... this cook is alive but injured," he might have said. "252: Farmer not found," the mirror might have said. "380 dead... 381 dead... many now are alive... 402 lost an arm... 403 is weeping... Oh no! Please no!" the king cried. "Damn! O Hell! He was my favorite! My most treasured! That rotten man!" The king sobbed. The mirror simply said, "404: Page not found"
  4. Anime General Discussion

    I starting to into animu now. A friend recommended Black Butler because it's her favorite, so I'm watching that first.
  5. CCleaner Compromise

    Frick. I actually had that version. I updated as soon as I found out, but seeing this, I may still be at risk. Time to figure out what "re-imaging" means.
  6. Happy Jump Day!

  7. Happy Jump Day!

  8. I appreciate the mention, but I INSIST ON THE WEDNESDAY ON OR AFTER THE 16TH BECAUSE OF THE HUMP DAY ALLUSION! TRUE Jump Day is on the 20th, this year!
  9. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    That stopped me from really getting into Witcher 1, as well. Are there any mods anywhere that overhaul it into something fun?
  10. Ugh, driving. A year ago, my parents were pushing me to get my license, but I just find driving too stressful so I wouldn't make much effort. My learner's permit simply expired.
  11. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I remember hearing a lot about how it was inspired by Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast/Academy, particularly the lightsaber style feature.
  12. The Library of Babel

  13. Dreams

    I had one where I was on a school field trip to a college campus. There was a small tour, but it was short and meaningless. Everyone then just spent the time roaming around and doing whatever. For some reason, some of us had bikes. I was riding one around that had really high handlebars ("Hey, this reminds me of !") Soon, the mayor came out of the nearby building, set up a booth, and started giving a speech. While I was trying to do fancy bike tricks, my bike's front tire came off, but I was still rolling. This made me excited. Somehow my bike shifted into being like a unicycle with a long pole straight up rather than a seat. Pedaling became harder, although I was still accelerating rather quickly with minimal pedal movement, like I shifted into a different gear. I thought of looking down to check what was up with that, but didn't because I didn't want to interrupt my exciting journey. I was rolling through a parking lot, through a store, then a fast food restaurant, then the college itself. I finally stopped after crashing into a lady student who was riding one of those two-wheeled hoverboards. Then I met my parents and we drove home with my weird unicycle. Then I woke up, had a snack, then went back to sleep. Then I had another dream which was about telling my parents and a bunch of kids about the first dream.