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  1. One of my teachers in school has the exact same name as Mercy from Overwatch.

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    2. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      How long are her wings?

    3. Davjo_


      You guys like to get your hopes up, to my knowledge she is married and she is definitely not as attractive as Mercy is.

      She also doesn't teach any medicine kind of stuff.

    4. Paero


      Is she a turboslut?

  2. So today's my 18th birthday, got to grab my normal drivers license (I only had a red-pink-ish paper of sorts that basically acts as a temporary drivers license) and some cake. This cake. This freakin' cake decoration. GG WP, family.
  3. Yesterday evening, Dispenz0r's Fun Server had a Quiz Show of sorts. Only approximately 12 people showed up, though, so we divided them into two groups of 6 each and took turns asking questions, a total of 8 rounds. We had a custom map with a quiz area, with booths and all that. Me and someone else were the "finalists" with 2 points each (Winning gives you a point). I somehow managed to win at TF2 trivia and won the grand prize of 50 euros. The event itself as a little poorly organized though, as one of the admins who lead the event had to constantly delay it due to personal problems. Everyone was pretty understanding with that, except one specific guy who kept flaming everyone, kept insulting everyone, how the questions are "bullshit" and the likes as well as having god complex. He also did not know that you have to hit A or B when answering. One of the admins decided to share a chatlog with everyone after he's been daybanned: http://pastebin.com/JjkFnrBr I once had this guy as a "friend" as well, he collects Craft Numbered Conscientous Objectors and is toxic as fuck, always claiming to be right and any initial point in an argument is "irrelevant" after 5 minutes. I once had to argue over an hour with him why I don't want to watch his youtube videos, where I did a small mistake in a "mathematic function" (as I bothered to give him 10 lines of explanation), which made his argument "automatically right". So, uh, maybe you guys can have a laugh or two at this guys' god complex. I am curious if he might receive a permaban. Almost everyone, that is admins, community regulars and even the owner, seem to agree that he is toxic.
  4. Davjo_

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Basically this. Although it fucks up users who use DeskAuth or have a Windows Phone (because Valve still hasn't made an app for that). I feel sorry for them to have to play against cheaters and smurfs constantly. Keep in mind it reads that it only "prioritizes" Prime accounts with other Prime accounts, so there still is a chance that you will be matchmade with non-Primes if you are Prime and vice versa, just less often. And if this experiment fails completely, they'll scrap it most likely. I am more interested how the ranks will be handled after this. Since Primes will play with other Primes more often, which hopefully means legitimate players VS legitimate players happens more often, their ranks shoudln't vary too much, as well as reaching higher ranks shouldn't be impossible, but non-Primes will never reach the higher ranks as they will most likely be full of hackers that don't have a Prime account either. In some cases that would also probably mean that higher ranked Primes have a low chance of playing with or against hackers if matchmaking doesn't find compatible players. Just my two cents, but we will see how things go.
  5. I actually have been using binaural waves for over two years and I have to say that they most certainly help with various things he listed, such as concentrating or vivid dreams/dreamless sleep. The video is oddly entertaining as well while being historical. That's quite nice to see.
  6. CS:GO betting is like a rollercoaster aaaaaaaa Also I hear Gary, don't tell me I have to fight him outta Unova.
  7. Davjo_

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Role: Healer
  8. My phone's flatrate seems to have ended yesterday, which also meant that my phone number was nonexistant for that period. Basically I got a metaphorical heart attack. I seem to have noticed this "rather early" (read: today evening) and called them about that and if there is a way to recover my old number before some other random dude gets it. Luckily, they managed to re-activate my old flatrate as well as my old phone number. Hooray.
  9. Davjo_

    TF2 general

    *spy snorting sounds*
  10. Davjo_

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I find it amusing that hackers don't have any kind of gamesense 99% of the time.. There's plenty of other examples, like the infamous LMAOBOX heavies in TF2, or Pyros that automatically airblast whenever a projectile is nearby them. They never have an idea where they are being shot from.
  11. Davjo_

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I encountered a cheater in one of the least expected games. How fun. I encountered him again and he actually died to me this time. How the fuck can one be this bad?
  12. The winner of the dunk contest has been announced! I made it into third place. That's pretty good.