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  1. Tails Thee Fox

    E3 2018

    Dudes, 5mash hype
  2. Tails Thee Fox

    TF2 general

    Dude I'd be also down for some MvM Mann Up, I love it to pieces. Sniper with the Hitman's Heatmaker is awesome there.
  3. Tails Thee Fox

    TF2 general

    Benefits to quickplay being..?
  4. Tails Thee Fox

    The Guillotine is Good Even Without the Sandman

    Like holding onto a pistol to sometimes use when you fail to kill someone with your Scatterguns six shots and you decide to pistol them instead of reloading and just blasting them. Boy.... Sure is much better than a free projectile that's not too hard to hit that you can constantly spam away. I guess it's just personal preference, but it's not far behind the pistol.
  5. Tails Thee Fox

    The Guillotine is Good Even Without the Sandman

    Guillotine is a free spammy projectile with a low cd. You can throw and forget it from a distance or at a choke, all of Scout's secondaries are good, it's just the Flying-G isn't as all around as good as the pistol. If you say the Flying-G is bad though then you're wrong, just the pistol is generally better. But hell, if you bring out the pistol to finish someone then they're probably low and will be killed by the first hit of the Flying-G possibly, so... I guess it's just personal preference really.
  6. Tails Thee Fox

    TF2 general

    A close range Ambassador non-headshot, point blank is 51 dmg. The stock revolver being 60. You're calling for that do be mid range damage, atop of that, you're wanting to ramp up the long range dmg to be a nice chunky 75 with no increased accuracy requirements on the users end. I mean spread out like that, it sounds worse than it actually is. It'd better than what we got now. I'm pretty sure the issue is that the class can sneak past to the backlines to a fair distance away, and bop you for 100 hp, which screws over a lot of classes. Long range fighting in a close range game is irritating for a lot of folks simply because their class lacks any form of options for the situation and that because of that the long range options opponents have are oppressive and strong(instantly taking 100 dmg or 150+ dmg), or are just projectiles that luckily hit because they were thrown down a high traffic area(Shorch Shot, Huntsman, Sandman).
  7. Tails Thee Fox

    TF2 general

    I'm not a fan of the Sniper either. Sniper Rifle > Ambassador 90% of the time. Easier to aim with, does more dmg, etc. I'm just saying long range Ambassador headshots are dumb, no even saying to get rid of the weapon.
  8. Tails Thee Fox

    TF2 general

    And the weapons, for the most part, getting nerfs, need it. A lot of the weapons getting these nerfs are still going to be viable. Sure they're not perfect changes but they say this is what they're planning with... And hell, if they're bothering to communicate with us then I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and cross my fingers for some of these changes to be a bit more refined in the actual patch, so they can continue going on with my reclaimed faith, and scrap the shit balance we've dealt with for oh too long. I just hope they go about buffing reworking the other 70 weapons in the game as well, coupled with these nerfs to the OP's. This is where I think they've messed up on their changelist, the majority of these changes are nerfs, and the few that are meant to be buffs or simple touch up(YeR) are probably not going to be enough. Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Are you dense? Yes, obviously, yes, fuck long range Amby. YESSSSSSSSSSsssss.... Though uh, the new downside is kinda stupid, should just be no crits from long range, or, lower damage from range. Not an accuracy penalty.
  9. Tails Thee Fox

    Non-Magic CCGs

    I recently got back into playing Yu-Gi-Oh a month ago and got my ass handed to me by my friend with his pendulum, synchro's, xyz's, and turners. It wasn't even a quick loss, it was like an hour long and he drug it out so he could summon his strongest monsters to just thoroughly thrash me, while I simply just stalled and hoped I could get something like Black Hole. Cue me complaining about how bullshit it is he can just special summon two monsters onto the field that ignore spells/traps, and have over 2000 atk/def basically on his second turn..... Followed by him saying "just make a deck to counter it". So. I spent the next month going through his extra cards, my friends cards, buying some here and there, and Frankenstein'd a deck of powerful spells, traps, and effect monsters. No pendulum, no synchro, no xyz, no turners, not even normal fusion, just a deck of some really strong effects. I fucking decked him in three turns, any duel we've had from then on has never gotten passed six turns and I never take any damage unless I inflict it on myself.
  10. Tails Thee Fox

    TF2 general

    Lol Duhfourmuhzero, never change dude. Also the general direction of these changes are really good. Nerfing Ambassador, DDS, Razorback, GRU, Crit-a-Cola, Sandman... And even the much requested QoL buff for base Heavy to you're not punished for repositioning/unrevving. Fuck, we even got a Mantreads buff. Flying-G, and lack of Bison *fixing* is concerning however, but can any of you honestly say that this is terrible overall? They're doing the nerfs that we've much requested, doing some touch up work on even the Vita-Saw(not a good change but..), and they're communicating it ahead of time to everyone before implementing it into the game. That's pretty chill to me.
  11. This place should be called WEEBpowered

    1. Silent


      pretty insightful my dude

    2. Primal Phoenix
    3. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      really indicates my chamber

  12. A pretty cashier keeps giving me senior discounts, free drinks, and talking/holding up the line for five minutes everytime I come in and now I'm having Taco Bell every day before work. I think I need help
  13. Tails Thee Fox

    SPUF is dead, this time for real

    I just tried it out for a moment and I got seasick.
  14. Man that sucks, hope things start to go better for yah. There's always Saturday
  15. Tails Thee Fox

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    But does it have the DK rap?