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  1. Do you know who Ellsberg is without having to look him up? Please let me know, I'm checking to see how well-known this historical figure is before referencing him in a script

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    2. TheOnlyGuyEver
    3. aabicus


      It appears Daniel Ellsberg isn't as well-known as I thought. I'll probably reference Snowden instead. Thanks everyone!

    4. LordCOVID Monkey

      LordCOVID Monkey

      It could also be because we're not smart.

  2. Congrats on turning 2, d4mo! Thanks for buying me CS:GO all those years ago

    1. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      What a pal, giving it to you before he was even out of his mom's womb!

    2. aabicus


      Yet somehow he was still older then your average teammate on voicechat

    3. General DeGroot

      General DeGroot

      Age is a social construct anyways

  3. aabicus

    Doodles on my mediocre drawing tablet

    Your animations are looking so great TOGE! It’s amazing to look back at your earliest posts in the thread and see how much improvement you’ve made in a mere two years. Just think where you’ll be another two years from now!
  4. I had to generate a 16-team tournament for a business eSports class, and I named all the teams after SPUFers! https://challonge.com/2h6nvw58 (Don't blame me for how you placed, blame my nickel.) 

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    2. LordCOVID Monkey

      LordCOVID Monkey

      I'm disappointed in myself for doing so poorly. It's probably because you cured my AIDS.

    3. Expresate


      Some of those names make me nostalgic for bigSPUF.

    4. Rynjin


      0:2 in round 1.



  5. I got voted to give the graduation speech for my Master’s class :D 


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    2. Gyokuyoutama


      It still screws with my mind how aabicus is actually the medic and the medic is actually some sort of dragon lizard.

    3. aabicus


      The outfit turned out so great! I finally got to bring Archimedes with me to a social event :D

    4. Expresate


      inb4 Aabicus is the next todd howard.

  6. aabicus

    Happy Jump Day!

    Happy Mersopolis-version Jump Day! (Medic, let me know if you want a TF2 key, since you were the first person to remind me of Jump Day)
  7. Looking for advice on the 1-minute trailer I made for my current game project (link included). Can you understand the gameplay even if you've never seen the game before? 


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    2. aabicus


      @Tails Thee Fox Good call! We swapped one scene out for a third-person shot to show what the game looks like while playing. :D (It's the scene at 0:24)



    3. Medic


      Does it make sense if I suggest you need shorter clips? Each clip feels a little bit too long, giving one too much information rather than making them want more?

    4. aabicus


      Yeah, I can believe it. I used a premade song so the clips are synced to the rise and fall of the beat. Only afterwards did our sound guy tell me he wants to try making custom music for our trailers, so going forward we can make it faster and at whatever pace we want

  8. That’s crazy considering how many articles you’ve written! I thought you’d been here longer than that tbh
  9. New SPUF of Legend! 4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Stoic Perk Deck!
  10. Since the last video was super popular, I made another in the same style! This one covers 5 Free Weapons in Payday 2 Every Player Should Try!
  11. tomorrow I'm shoutcasting a tournament for a Vehicle Battle arena game! https://spuf.org/2018/05/17/friday-forzebreak-tournament-with-prizes/

  12. Today's SPUF of Legend covers The Only Ten Melee Weapons Worth Using in Payday 2, and it does so in under 2 minutes!
  13. aabicus

    Barely Useful Superpowers

    This seems a decent time to shamelessly plug my downloadable card game The Just Us League, which is all about saving the world by coming up with uses for seemingly useless superpowers
  14. Today's SPUF of Legend is about Why Overwatch Contenders is better than Overwatch League!
  15. This week's SPUF of Legend, SCRUBG, chronicles the highlights from my first three games of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds! Also new articles from Medic! Things You Should NOT Take in Radiation Hazard and Radiation Elemental Enhancement Missions, More Tips For Warframe Sorties, and Avoid Sanctuary Onslaught For Now!