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  1. Yesterday's article chronicled my recent trip to the Game Developer's Convention, and today's article is about how to become a voice actor!
  2. Today’s SPUF of Legend is me ranting about Brigitte! I’m not looking forward to her being added to comp in two weeks, I’ll have to main Mercy again...
  3. Post if you want me to name a Pokemon after you, offer available while supplies last

  4. I'm disappointed Medical Necessity was cancelled, but I can't say I was too surprised either. For my first attempt at being a creative director, I made a number of mistakes that was affecting the development of the project. I have a post on my private blog that goes into more detail about Medical Necessity and why it failed, but in a nutshell I spent most of my time on the marketing aspect and not enough time leading the team. It's part of the reason I quickly accepted a fulltime marketing position for Major League Magic, since it turns out marketing was my favorite part of developing Medical Necessity, and the role I did best. But I gained a lot of valuable experience from Medical Necessity, and it was a good life lesson overall. In other news, two more announcements for the SPUF of Legend! First, we hit 100 subscribers, which qualified us for a custom URL! https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSPUFOfLegend (turns out you don't get to choose that custom URL, YouTube just gives you one with your channel name, but it's still better than the cavalcade of random numbers and letters you get by default). Our latest video is a presentation I gave on Procedural Generated Content in Left 4 Dead 2, which the L4D2 subreddit liked so much they stickied it :D
  5. https://strawpoll.com/zy6cd6a1 Would appreciate any opinions! My team is trying to name our game

    1. TheOnlyGuyEver


      "Magic Fight"

    2. aabicus


      My personal suggestion was Brawlosseum, but the team didn’t go for it :P


      But I also suggested we go for an Osmosis Jones-style setting and call it Fightochondria so I don’t think they trust my suggestions anymore

  6. Today's SPUF of Legend covers All the new Overwatch updates: Brigitte, OWL Series 3, and the upcoming Archives Event!
  7. Today's SPUF of Legend covers Payday 2 VR, with footage!
  8. Two articles today! Medic re-reviews Gang Beasts, and I chronicle my adventures attending a CSGO Tournament in Oakland!
  9. Today's article is from Medic, and discusses the counter triangles (and more advanced rock-paper-scissors relationships) in Team Fortress 2!
  10. Magebrawl tournament is in thirty minutes! We'll be broadcasting player 1 from my Twitch (with announcer's commentary from myself and Ahmitt, the Creative Director) and player 2 from Ahmitt's Twitch (sans commentary). Thanks to everyone who shows up to watch!
  11. Today's SPUF of Legend is on today's Payday 2 patch that added the new Death Sentence difficulty and explosive headshot Sniper skill!
  12. This week’s SPUF of Legend is a lecture I gave at school about the development, gameplay, and legacy of Team Fortress Classic!
  13. Left 4 Bed is still the best L4D2 mod in existence
  14. Endless War 3 was one of the games I made my team play to teach them how top-down shooters work. I played so much of that game in high school. Ready to have your mind blown TOGE? Watch this GIF of Endless War 3 and then highlight the spoiler text one chunk at a time: After they watched it, I closed the GIF and asked my team how many animations the player character demonstrated in the GIF. Try to answer the question yourself, how many animations did you just see? - My team ultimately guessed four: shooting, idle, moving up/down, moving left/right. The correct answer? Zero. - Now watch the GIF again. The player's walk cycle is created by making two little black ovals jiggle underneath the sprite. The gunfire is just muzzle flash. That game managed to completely avoid having to make animation cycles, which is part of why they had so many different sprites for the various factions and levels. Genius animation trick that somehow works perfectly without the player noticing.