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  1. Next you are going to tell me Santa isnt real and Jesus didnt happen.
  2. I liked when cellphones meant having a compact mean of comunication, instead of having a flatscreen TV that doesnt fits on your pocket. Kinda kills the 'cell' part if they are as big a regular phone.
  3. Moby

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    You are expecting too much from a company that makes their engines with sticks and chewed gum, then expects the fanbase to patch it for them.
  4. Moby

    apex legends

    Well, it made enough noise that Epic started to give free stuff on Fortnite. But probably made enough noise that EA will start to milk it to death.
  5. Moby

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I wonder if enough publishers start to do this, Valve will wake up and increase the dev's share or they wont give a shit like always.
  6. Moby

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Tetris Battle Royale actually got a laugh from me. So did that TERRIBLE looking preview of Dead of Daylight on the Switch. You already have seen Toon Link, now get ready for TOONIER Link. Shame literally nothing about Smash aside some quick Joker model preview.
  7. Moby


    Probably due watching Vinny play that "The Ring" Resident Evil on Dreamcast and reading the issues of Watamote I had missed, I had a dream where I was watching a flash animation about what would happen if Sadako/Ring Girl had feelings and was capable of rational thought instead of being just an anomaly. It was literally just Watamote, but with Sadako. (Which I have to add that changed into a harem manga all of a sudden)
  8. Following up the misadventures, we had a 43ºC day and then we had a HEAVY rain that lasted about 2 hours. It rained so much that literally all rooms in my house flooded, I was ankle deep in water. All wardrobes bases in the house got fucked up, we have to dry all the rugs and the AC adapter of the cable TV is squirting water. The rain started at around 1AM, the water started to go down at around 4AM and we only managed to dry the entire house at 6AM. My entire body hurts.
  9. Moby

    Touhou Containment Thread

    Because they are that old or because they make no sense?
  10. Moby

    Star Citizen

    You basically described most kickstarter games. It usually ends with the game releasing missing most features/not what was promised and then being a mediocre game for eternity or they just ship what they have and it becomes a terrible game.
  11. Moby

    Anime General Discussion

    Cant wait for the "Common Kitchen appliances are girls" and the "Super market produts are girls" animes.
  12. My Minecraft account is 9 years old, I dont think there is any email around with the transaction or confirmation. I'll hope nothing happens since I have both two-step auth on my email and the three secret questions on the Minecraft account (although they should add a two-step there too)