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  1. Today is the day with the most 2s until 2222, so you might want to take a picture to remind yourself of two centuries in the past.

  2. Yeah, I noticied that on my phone. It said that the addons are no longer verified and disabled most of them. I still have them working on my pc since I disabled automatic updates, but no idea for how long.
  3. Moby

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Epic is only hunting for games that will sell a lot in the first months (Metro, Borderlands), games that still generate money (Rocket League) and games from publishers that are willing to shill for them for some money (2K, Ubisoft, that XCom guys game, Supergiant). They really wont give two shits about some game that they know it wont sell more than 1k copies.
  4. Moby

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    Circa first Scooby-Doo movie, if I remember. Then we got gems like two Smurfs, Yogi Bear, a second Scooby-Doo, Woodpecker, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Garfield and that Fairly Odd Parents movie that ends with Timmy fucking dying.
  5. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/kumamon
  6. Moby

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I still dont get how people think they can translate Minecraft into a story. Adventure mode and those terrible models (like the ones from shitty minecraft videos) didnt work. How the fuck they will do that without the blocky graphics, the mining and the crafting?
  7. Moby


    Did Hussie just copied all tags from Tumblr and nHentai?
  8. Moby

    If we only had three weapons per class....

    Are we talking about pre-nerf Ambassador or Just-use-the-revolver Ambassador?
  9. Moby


    I guess he is a bit late on that. I cant even remember what happened in the ending aside they pushing the "We win" Deus Ex Machina button and everything skipping straight to the future.
  10. Moby

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Phoenix Wright HD Triology AND Yakuza Kiwami 2 on Steam? WHAT
  11. Moby

    Anime Girl Quiz

    I only know a few toohoo characters. Mostly because of music and because of that one Metroidvania that released not long ago.
  12. Moby

    Anime Girl Quiz

    I recognize 4, Naruto's Sakura and Card Captor Sakura are the only ones I know the name, Hayato's mom from Jojo and the teacher from Nichijou.
  13. Moby

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    The Borderlands GOTY Enhanced Turbo Championship Edition is..... Kinda of a mess, actually. It wouldnt detect my dedicated graphics card until I forced it to use it. Wouldnt let me save or import characters until I let the game, the launcher AND the setup as exceptions in the Windows firewall. The menus werent made for mouse, it wiggles all over the place when you click stuff and goes crazy if you hover over two items. People cant play online on consoles. Literally all glitches from the original still exist. Knoxx Armory still has a hole in the ground that lets you loot it on your own pace. DLC areas still dont have Fast-travel or Save-quit zones. Left the game or want to farm a boss? Gotta drive all the way back. You can just put your profile in read-only (which does literally nothing because there are no badass ranks) and have infinite golden keys. But stretched out textures in 4K and some new weapons.