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  1. Finally figured out why the current Shadowverse meta pisses me off:


    -Efficient damage spells: cap out at 4 damage.


    -Current broken creatures: Have defenses starting at 5.

    1. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      What is this, mtg after Lightning Bolt rotated out of standard?!

    2. Gyokuyoutama


      Basically, except this is in the equivalent of vintage.


      They've just never printed an efficient removal spell that does more than 4 damage (except for Wind Blast I guess, but that needs to be boosted to do that meaning it isn't reliable early game).


      The problem is that they've been printing more and more tough to deal with followers that have 5 defense on evolve (and often some way to interfere with follower to follower combat).


      The game really needs a 5 cost spell that deals 6 damage to all followers.