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  1. Work that made people a furry by decade:


    20s: BNA, Helluva Boss

    10s: Zootopia, Pokemon (there were Pokewaifus before but it hit a critical mass here.)

    00s: Star Fox Assault, Digmon Tamers, Sonic Adventure 2

    90s: A lot of stuff, but most likely Space Jam or The Lion King.  I guess Rescue Rangers goes here too since it debuted right before the 90s.  SWAT Kats for kids who got in before Turner canceled it.  Hell I could probably add five or six more things; any kid growing up in this decade was doomed.

    80s: Fairly safe decade; only real Furry Bait was the Catillac section of Heathcliff and Gadget right at the end.  Lots of female animal characters, but I don't consider that inherently furbait.

    70s: Disney's Robin Hood.  Not much else, but it was enough.

    60s: Everything here is either "female animal with slight human attributes" or "female cartoon character with almost no sexual appeal."  These things only appeal to people who are actually furries, so it was a safe decade.

    50s and Earlier: There's some pretty weird blatant furbait stuff, the most famous of which probably being that "leg of lamb" joke in that Droopy cartoon.  But the stuff that would show up on TV was always isolated and unlikely to cause any real damage.

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      Raison d'être

      I thought the pink dragon from Dragon Tales was cute. That's how it starts.

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