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  1. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    Still a better addition than Isabelle. Though not by much!
  2. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    Of all the (admittably terrible) things I've posted here, why choose to hate on poor Glover?!
  3. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    Good news, SPUFFriends! Smash Bros is less than a month away! To celebrate this occasion, I have decided to let you guys in on a few more Smashy Leaky Secrets! Remember the DLC Sakurai talked about in the last direct? Of course you do! And that’s what I’m here to reveal to all of you! So here goes! So, as we all know, there will be five DLC packs, each with a fighter and stage. But what Sakurai didn’t mention is that there will also be an ASSIST TROPHY brought alongside each fighter! Pretty wild, huh? So now that that’s outta the way, I’m gonna leak some shit. Unlike past leaks I’ve done, all of these characters are actually from video games! I gotta go all out, considering this is my last chance to get something right! Just to prove how serious I am about this leak, I drew some more quality artwork for ya’ll, using my trusty canvas, Sketch Toy! (Which I haven’t done for a while.) Unfortunately, we cannot prove if my "guesses" are true or not until a while after the game has been released, but this bunch here are the safest choices for when you place bets with your friends. And I'll prove it with an ACTUAL LEAK OF THE FINAL SMASH BROS BANNER! (I did you all a great favor by circling all of the characters so you would be able to find them easier!) So there you have it folks! With this leak knowledge, now you guys can know if the DLC season pass will be worth the price, without any worry whatsoever. And you know what? With great characters like this, I’d say you should definitely buy the pass. In fact, you should buy the pass, and then buy each individual character pack just to show your support and approval to the developers! Well, this is the last Smash Bros. leak I could realistically do. How sad. At least I'll be getting them all right this time around.But now, this is LeakerAIDS Monkey signing out, forever. For real, this time. And remember, all leaks are fake unless they include stuff you want! (Which means that this one's totally real.)
  4. LordAIDS Monkey

    My New Cartoon: MARCH

    I liked it for the Flipnote Hatena vibes it gave me. But then it made me sad, because Flipnote's dead. I mean, I was never any good at it, but shitposting was fun. Anywho, the animation was solid and I liked the goofy character voices! It looks like a lot of love went into this. I can't really give any real criticism, because I'm the worst at animating. It gets the LordAIDS Monkey Seal of Approval, indeed. But one question remains... Why is it called MARCH?
  5. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    Uh, the 6. Because the angle it launches at is perfect for gimping people.
  6. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    Using my secret sources, I have created some Smash Ultimate tier list predictions! Please, take a look! So now I guess I gotta explain what each tier means... Pay-To-Win: If Smash 4 has taught us anything, it's that DLC characters are always the most powerful. The Pokémon are just placeholders for the 5 upcoming DLC characters. My Personal Bias: These are the characters I like to play in 4. They're all probably really bad, but they're the best in my eyes. So they should be the best in Ultimate. The Best Ones: These ones are the top tiers. If you wanna be good at Smash Bros, you're probably gonna wanna know how to play as these guys. Total Chads: These fellas are the hunks of Smash Bros. Big Beefy Dudes whom I may or may not be attracted to, they're sure to be the powerhouses of Smash! Probably Really Good: These characters are probably gonna be the sleeper OP ones. So they'd probably be nice pockets for those difficult match-ups! Marth: Marth comes in many flavors. Classic, Fire, New, Girl, Dragon, Magic, Smol. They're basically the exact same character, though. And they're all top tier threats! The Fast and the Furryious: They're basically the middle tiers, and as such, there's no shame in playing them. Other than the fact they're furries. Use with caution. Everybody Else: Due to a slight lack of information, I didn't know where to put these guys. I'm sure some of them are pretty good. Others, not so much... *cough*lucas*cough* I Forgot This Character Was In: These characters are so bad that they never really left an impression on me, and therefore, I forgot they were in the game. Don't play as them. Haven't Been Good in Decades: These characters have had a trend where they've been bad the past couple of games. Why should that change now? Hopefully Shit: These guys have left a bad taste in my mouth after previous installments. I hope they're bad so I don't have to fight them. Also, Daisy is here. I hope she's bad too. Irredeemable Shit Tier: As a past Jr. Main, I'll be the first to tell you he was never good in Smash 4, and he's worse in Ultimate. I dropped this guy harder than my mom dropped me. So now you guys know who's top dog in Smash Ultimate, which means you all know who to play as! Keep in mind these three rules when you pick your mains: 1. You're a tier whore for picking good characters. 2. You're a dumbass for picking bad characters. 3. Never play as Bowser Jr. Pick a Koopaling instead. (They're still bad characters.) If ya'll have any questions about a character's placement, just let me know and I'll happily answer. (I probably won't, though.)
  7. LordAIDS Monkey

    Favorite game Mosaic

    As long as everyone's critiquing Silent's critiques, I might as well complain too... Aw man, I can't complain because my mosiac was just too darn good that it didn't receive a criticism. Either that or my list was just so shit it wasn't worthy of acknowledgement... I'm kinda thinking it was the latter.
  8. LordAIDS Monkey

    Favorite game Mosaic

    I've never been too much of a gamer, but here's a couple of neat games that probably changed the industry forever. I dunno, I'm just doing this 'cause everyone else is.
  9. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    Just noticed this... HE DID IT! POOCHY IS IN! I am so happy right now.
  10. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    I've got some actual spoilers to spout out now, so back off unless you want me to ruin everything!
  11. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    I haven't seen the Direct yet, so I don't get it. But does that mean that TF2's very own The Scout made it in?! (Actually, don't answer that because I already know. I am the best leaker in the world and I know everything.)
  12. LordAIDS Monkey

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: New Character Speculation and Hype Thread

    So, we've got ourselves another Smash Direct tomorrow, supposedly clocking in at 40 minutes! But why waste 40 minutes of your life tomorrow, when you can waste 5 minutes of your life right now?! That's right folks, LeakerAIDS Monkey is back, bringing you the most accurate and reliable Smash Bros leaks of all time! So, warning! There's gonna be some HUGE SPOILERS for Smash Ultimate! (I was gonna include some sweet pictures like I have in the past, but my undercover guy died out of delight while taking them. So I don't have any this time.)
  13. No. It's better this way
  14. Shit. Guess I'll be in denial 'till the bitter end, then!
  15. That's quite a bold claim, my friend! (Please don't give me any more reasons to hate myself!) Anywho, I don't think Monster Girls count as furries. Unless they're werewolves, but werewolves are low-tier anyway.