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  1. i would want to live in doggy dog world.
  2. it's laurel you motherfuckers

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      Seriously though we have one of these trends every few months, but the classic "is this anime girl female or a trap drawn identically to a female" never catches on in the mainstream.

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  3. kayohgee

    Barely Useful Superpowers

    Actually I'm going to change mine. I want to be able to bluntly exit a conversation without offending the other person talking to me. This would be minor mind control rather than giving me actual social skills or grace. I could just say "Hey I don't care and I'm done with this shit, now stop holding me hostage at work" and the other person would be like "Alrighty!" and fuck off. Life would be so great.
  4. kayohgee

    Barely Useful Superpowers

    I'd want the power to correct people when they're wrong without coming off like I want it to be an argument.
  5. kayohgee

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I find it kind of aggravating that half of these are just making older content and booster packs achievement unlock items. They've pretty much just padded out the update by taking away items I'd already been playing with. Sure, they probably aren't hard to get back but its the principle of the thing. The new character is actually pretty interesting though and it seems like they've added some quality stuff, so I can't complain too much.
  6. my money's on a meth lab.
  7. No one knows the pain of a poorly chosen username like I do, but they're basically my initials and I've used it forever, so I have stubbornly refused to change it. It's totally excusable that a lot of people giving "kayohgee" a quick glance wouldn't realize that it's just the letters K O and G phonetically spelled out and smashed together, but hearing people try to pronounce it has been my personal hell for as many years as I've used it. You'd think if you saw a consonant followed by "ay" the way you would say it would be consistent with similar English words starting with almost every conceivable consonant in the alphabet, like "day" or "fay" or "gay", "hay" or "jay" or "lay" or "may" or "nay" or "pay", or "ray" or "tay zonday" - but incredibly, the lone exception to this rule is the letter "k". In English, when you proceed the letters "ay" with "k", nine out of ten children on the internet agree that what you get is fucking "kai". You'd think if you saw a commonly used phrase like "oh gee" you would recognize that the "g" is soft, but apparently all you need to do is take a space out and it becomes impossible for approximately half of the human population to parse, leading to "gif" levels of disagreement and confusion about what kind of consonant it is and doubling the number of ways to butcher it. The "y" before "oh" apparently makes it even more incomprehensible because apparently everyone recently decided that you spell "yo" with an "h" on the end, because "yoh" is a thing that makes compete sense and there's no need to look for context clues when you see it in a larger word. I've heard Kah-yogi with both hard and soft "g"s, I've heard "Kai-o-hagee" with both, I've heard people almost get it right but fuck up the "g", and I'm frequently mistaken for a Pokemon because apparently somewhere down the line Nintendo decided that "Kyogre" needed to be a thing that exists. Apparently I'm the one who fucked up here though, because the letters I picked are perfectly selected and organized to confuse the human brain into garbled submission. It's the only explanation.
  8. kayohgee

    share your worst jokes

    what do you call a screencap that ends up on /r/4chan? a reeeeeeeeeeeeeepost
  9. 2001 Corolla. It's actually in decent shape but I hit a deer last year so the bodywork is fucked. I ended up doing just enough to get the headlight and turn signal functional and eventually I'll get around to fixing the rest of it. Unrelated to that incident: The drivers side window rolls about halfway down and then won't roll back up again. The only way I've gotten the window to go back up is to repeatedly turn the car on and off again, because apparently each time the car starts up the window will go up about an inch. The parking brake light is always on. The right hand turn signal is super particular and only works if you use it a certain way. But it's way better than my last car and get way better gas mileage too. That's because my last car had a severe fuel leak, which I figured out after I realized I was leaving puddles of gasoline every time I would fill it up. I had to drive it for another week or so while I was finalizing things with the new car. I'd fill up gas cans and drive that sucker to my parents house (they have a large driveway) so I could fill the car there and not have to worry about accidentally committing arson. One day during that week someone in a car in front of me threw a lit cigarette in the road and I sincerely thought I might blow up and die. Good times.
  10. kayohgee

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I'm a weird old man and I still buy everything available in a physical format on CD.
  11. Shit, man. Glad you're okay. I'd still consider seeing a doctor, though. That sounds like a pretty serious impact.
  12. What happened? Have you gotten checked out yet? Probably obvious advice but there are lots of injuries you could have which may not be apparent right away.