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  1. Star Wars Thread

    I've opened this thread like five times because I want to read all of those juicy spoilers but I'll hate myself if I do
  2. death grips lyrics

    1. General DeGroot

      General DeGroot

      this is my turf fuck off or me and my boys'll pop a cap in your ass

    2. kayohgee


      I'm coming through, thought you knew, fuck if you didn't, fuck you. 

  3. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    don't forget that we also lost witty to factorio
  4. Net Neutrality guff

    This is such a bizarre argument to make in this particular case. The only way the government is "controlling" the internet is having a regulation that no one is allowed to control the internet. Your stance is basically akin to this: Major automotive companies start adopting highways across the United States. They are granted permits to set up toll stations along the highways they own, so that on a road owned by Toyota, only owners of Toyota cars can expect to drive with any expectation of a reliable speed. Drivers of every other brand have to drive in slow lanes, or pay tolls to get into faster lanes, or may not be able to drive on those roads at all. Clearly no one wants this. The government steps in and says "This fucking sucks. Roads need to be reliable and accessible to everyone within reason." and sets up a regulation to end the practice. By your logic, the government is being the tyrannical party in this situation even though it's clear they're acting in the best interests of the public, which is their job.
  5. Post ur Sunsets/Rises

    jokes on you they're supposed to look like that
  6. Post ur Sunsets/Rises

    taken a while back i swear to god i'm like a 95 year old who just got a computer sometimes
  7. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/736600/Piccled_Ricc/ wubbalubbalawsuit
  8. Jungle Inferno Update Thread

    We no longer speak of this.
  9. Jungle Inferno Update Thread

    It'd be funnier if it turns out to be a cosmetic item that does have gameplay effects
  10. Jungle Inferno Update Thread

    if SPUF were still around I'd check in just to see all the bitter arguments about that jetpack :(