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  1. Hello all! It has come to my attention that a very large majority of you, my SPUFFY Friends, are really into monster girls! (You bunch'a freaks!) Thankfully, I'm not one to judge all that much, and in fact, I have come here today to give you guys an official ranking of all sorts of monster girls! Consider it a fantastic dating guide for all things monster girls. (I'm an actual expert, with a degree in Monstergirlology.) That way, those of you who insist to fawn over a magical creature at least do so properly! Here we go, I present to you all, THE DEFINITIVE MONSTER GIRL TIER LIST!


    The DEFINITIVE Monster Girl Tier List!




    15. Horse-Girl

    The anatomy of Horse-Girl is totally whack. Like, what the heck's going on here? She'd got too many limbs, and that frightens me just a bit. On the bright side, she can get you from point A to point B!




    14. Slime-Girl

    A sentient blob? Slime-Girl's quite interesting, but I can't necessarily say she's any good!




    13. Cat-Girl

    I really don't like any form of Cat-Girl. She's just not all that cute!




    12. Insect-Girl

    Did you know that Insect-Girl is actually the largest sub-class of girl? There are over 91,000 species of Insect-Girl! Unfortunately, most of them are pretty nasty little buggers!




    11. Succubus-Girl

    Succubus-Girl is a nasty little bitch. She will never truly love you, but there's no shame in loving her! Love away!




    10. Dragon-Girl

    It's a well known fact that dragons are cool. That means that Dragon-Girl is also pretty cool, and also pretty-pretty! Does this mean that Dragon-Girl is the best? No. Absolutely not!




    9. Elf-Girl

    Basically just a Regular-Girl who's smaller, has pointy ears, and lives in the forest. Unless we're dealing with the jolly variant. Then they live in the North Pole. 




    8. Dullahan-Girl

    This type of girl is one who is not to be trifled with! An evil-ancient-headless-warrior-girl who may or not wield an ax. Stay on this one's good side, however, and she gives pretty good head.




    7. Fairy-Girl

    Fairy-Girl is fantastic because they can grant all sorts of wacky wishes. Could you wish for her to be your girlfriend? You could try! (Disclaimer: Not all variants of Fairy-Girl are WISHMAKING Fairy-Girls! Only the good ones are.)




    6. Spider-Girl

    I'm afraid of Spider-Girl! But Spider-Girl is simply misunderstood! Just try to get passed the fact that she's a SPIDER, anf she's a fantastic choice for a girl! They also have great taste when it comes hugging a Toohoo!



    5. Were-Wolf-Girl

    Were-Wolf-Girl is just like any other Regular-Girl, only Were-Wolf-Girl has a terrible secret. She is a very good girl as long as the moon isn't full. That's awesome! But on a full moon she becomes a furry. That's less awesome.




    4. Plant-Girl

    In my professional opinion, Plant-Girl makes a very good choice for anybody, as she simply photosynthesizes, meaning she does not need you to cook for her. Logically, this means that SHE has to cook for YOU! Yay, Plant-Girl!




    3. Ghost-Girl

    Ghost-Girl is like a Regular-Girl who died a premature death, and must now forever walk this world. It sounds depressing, and it is. Fortunately, you can brighten Ghost-Girl's day with a little lovin'.




    2. Fish-Girl

    Fish-Girl just wants to be a part of your world. She's plenty cute, but she also smells like fish. Also she is stuck living in the water. I reckon that Fish-Girl is still worth anyone's time, though!




    1. Snake Girl

    This is probably totally biased, but I really like snakes.




    And now you all know which monster girls are the most acceptable to have the hots for! Please bear in mind that, like all my ranking lists, this list is indisputable by nature. Any attempts at arguing it will be met with heavy criticism. That being said, if you like a Monster Girl who didn't make the cut, then it's time to get an upgrade. I suggest Insect-Girl. There's plenty of her to go around!

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    2. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      That medusa image is STILL cute.

    3. LordCOVID Monkey

      LordCOVID Monkey

      Ooh, kinky. Also, Medusa is always cute. Even when she isn't. She has snakes for hair, for goodness sake.

    4. Expresate


      for goodness snake*