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  1. Expresate

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    It'll be an hour and a half of our hero digging a 7x7 hole down to bedrock, followed by a creeper explosion and everything being lost in lava. Thrilling.
  2. Expresate

    Anime Girl Quiz

    Nigel Tufnel would've been proud of me.
  3. Expresate

    Anime Girl Quiz

    Are you kidding me. The only one I recognized was Sakura from Naruto and I didn't put her name just for the funnies. I could've gotten 12/16!
  4. Expresate

    Anime Girl Quiz

    1 Anime Girl 2 Anime Girl 3 Anime Girl 4 Anime Girl 5 Anime Girl 6 Girl Naruto 7 Anime Girl 8 Anime Girl 9 Anime Senior Citizen 10 Anime Girl 11 Anime Girl 12 Anime Girl 13 Anime Girl 14 Anime Girl 15 Anime Girl 16 Anime Girl
  5. I forgive Raison, I realise what he meant now.

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    2. Expresate


      Boy howdy did you dodge a bullet, let me tell you.


      Several actually.

    3. Raison d'être

      Raison d'être

      It's all good, as long as you didn't kill any of my dependents in the crossfire - ain't filed my taxes yet.

    4. Snatcher Cube

      Snatcher Cube

      I noticed it the whole time, but it was fun watching Raison have a mental breakdown.

  6. Expresate

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I just watched Six-String Samurai (no, it's not an anime) last night. I've been wanting to see the movie for years but had trouble finding it ( but apparently it's up in its entirety on Youtube, so...). I was not disappoint. It's low-budget b movie greatness. I found it on disk in the cult section of the local movie rental store. Synopsis: Post-apocalyptic Nevada (yes, there's a reference to it in F:NV). What remains of the US has been taken over by Russians. The only bastion of freedom is Lost Vegas, run by Elvis as the King. Elvis dies, and so does his heir. A call goes out for a new king. The protagonist, Buddy, and other independent hopefuls attempt to reach Vegas and claim the title while being hunted and killed by Literally Death. Here it is:
  7. Expresate

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    You know how in that latest LazyPurple video he talks about how his muscle memory was shit and just leading shots nearly doubled his aim until he could flick again? So I tried just leading shots and it nearly doubled my aim. Thanks random youtuber!
  8. "I've got a gig in Vegas."

  9. At least they're not ghost rats what don't know they're dead!
  10. Guys, I think Raison has finally lost it.
  11. Expresate

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Yeah, I read the "spyware" thread. Written by someone who admitted they didn't really know what they were talking about and misunderstood common processes for malicious behavior. One or two things were questionable (like the steam thing), but I always like to think of Android apps that need ridiculous permissions to do totally benign and innocuous things, just because that's how Android does permissions. Also the thread was mostly anti-chinese nonsense. Not that I'm a chinese nationalist. Or even chinese. I don't even use the Epic Store or intend to. There's always "IT'S SPYWARE" threads when some new software (or DRM) comes out that everyone hates. Usually followed by fiddler or wireshark outputs that mean nothing. I haven't even seen any of this data collection going to Epic, though. Not that it doesn't, but if there's some traffic captures out there let me know. I'm open to being wrong. But I mean heck, we're being tracked on this very forum: Oh noes guys, cmdr is a chinese spy trying to send our deets to President Xi (or I guess Trump, in this case).
  12. Expresate

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    You guys are honestly silly. Meanwhile, Sekiro is alright so far. It's hard, I guess, but I'm also bad at video games so who knows. The combat is fun. It definitely reminds me of Tenchu, was is on purpose. Also a good thing.
  13. What have you done with Monkey, you grass-type freak.
  14. Korean so far has been okay. And as a beginner, I only really care about this list. The easiest thing about consonants like ㄱ, ㅋ, and ㄲ is that if you don't get pronounciation down 100%, people will just write it off as part of your accent.