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  1. Nitzan

    Russians Playing DOTA 2

    I love this meme, where did you find it?
  2. Nitzan

    Which class is your main?

  3. Nitzan

    share your worst jokes

    www.spufpowered.com is a really good forum
  4. Nitzan

    GOTY 2013

    In This Post: someone who is just fanboying mindlessly. Seriously, there is no 'best' game. Ever. It's literally not possible - and if it is, I'd be concerned about the G-Men messing with our brains if they got the entire gaming community to agree on something. I this post: Delusions. I'm sorry you couldn't afford Gone Home and resort to pretending to dislike it just to cope with the harsh reality that you will never play the new GOAT ;-)
  5. Nitzan

    GOTY 2013

    ITT: Shit taste who can't accept the fact that Gone Home is and will always be the best game ever made. Back to league of babbies with you! ;~)
  6. Nitzan

    GOTY 2013

    [spoiler2][/spoiler2] If you disagree you have shit taste in vidya.
  7. Nitzan


  8. Try searching your computer and browser for something along the lines of "Search conduit" or "Search project". Search conduit is a piece of malware that can sneak onto your computer to prevent software, extensions or websites to change your internet default settings like homepage or default search engine.
  9. Nitzan

    Dota General

    She's a slut good hero.
  10. Nitzan

    Elder Scrolls Online

    then it must be pretty darn good What do you mean. Oblivion was terrible. Absolute shit taste. Get out.
  11. Nitzan

    Anime General Discussion

    1st and 2nd episode are pretty damn alright, but don't let yourself get deceived, rest is pure trash.
  12. Nitzan

    Anime General Discussion

    ahhahahhahahha no that's not possible Oh hey guys guess what I just started watching you'll never guess Boku no Pico? I admire your taste.