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  1. 2560x1600@120hz


    All my dreams involve disturbing things happening to me or one of my family members, not in a satisfactory way. A terrifying way.
  2. Raz you're shorting out the karma readings on my Pip-boy.
  3. Does not having a filter somehow make you guys feel more mature or something?
  4. Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

  5. If only Valve took TF2 as seriously they take Dota.
  6. Remember kids Don't be Hertz! ALWAYS read the OP closely!
  7. Ouch, makes me think about having a forum at all. 800 dollars plus annual fees for 15 people making very little activity? Eh everyone will hate me for mentioning that.
  8. Does that include or exclude the Oort Cloud?
  9. 2560x1600@120hz

    Dota General

  10. 2560x1600@120hz

    Dota General

    If only we could use minimal HUDs, then it wouldn't feel like I'm playing through a peep hole.
  11. 2560x1600@120hz

    Dota General

    I am so sorry. Would have put this in We Media Now but the last post is a month old.