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    My fellow Gamers.

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      How do you do fellow kids gamers?

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    Anime General Discussion

    Don't watch the Killstream.
  3. Wulff


    JIKAN DESU! JIKAN DESU! Another year of anime has passed us by and it wouldn't be right if we didn't do a bit of reflection of the year 2018! Here's the template for our trusty chart!
  4. Siege really good fun with friends. Siege really bad fun solo. Fuze on Hostage best operator.
  5. No he is literally just pretending.
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    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm really enjoying Rainbow Six Siege these days
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    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    Please stop deflecting.
  8. I debated with myself for a while whether or not this was something worth sharing, but it's just so fucking strange that I feel I need to vent it somewhere. This is some fairly personal stuff so I'll be leaving out most critical details but god damn man, I've never experienced anything quite like this in my life before. WARNING: THIS IS VERY FUCKING LONG AND PRETTY WEIRD
  9. Wulff

    Anime General Discussion

    Minutes ago I finished watching the anime Sora yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further than the Universe) and boy am I happy that I decided to pick this show up on a complete whim. It's an anime that's pretty deceitful, as both the synopsis and cover for the show doesn't do justice to the sincerity of the story being told and the extremely relatable cast of main characters. It looks and reads like a dumb moe show with a goofy setting they decided on just to try and stand out, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In my five years of watching anime I've consumed exactly 400 tv anime/movies/OVAs and out of those 400 there are about a dozen of shows I consider true 10/10 shows. A Place Further than the Universe manages to make that list pretty effortlessly. I was calling it at episode six that this show was going to be amazing. A Place Further than the Universe is an anime original show consisting of 13 episodes of 24 minutes. It is a completely self-contained story that has a solid beginning and ending. I always really like watching anime original shows because so many adaptations of manga or light novels end up being bait for you to buy the original source material to get a solid conclusion to the story, leaving the ending of their anime versions with something to be desired for the sake of more manga sales. Not the case with this anime, it manages to have a completely satisfying ending, which for me personally is the most important thing for a show. So what makes this show a 10/10 in my books? To put it simply it manages a perfect score because the show is just really solid across all categories. The animation is really solid, the soundtrack is the perfect match for the tone of the show, the voice work for the characters is impressive, the story has a clear red thread all the way throughout and doesn't linger too long anywhere and it's very compelling on the whole. It touches on a lot of pretty tough subjects when it comes to being a human and the main cast of characters all have their own circumstances, some more tough and traumatic than others, but the circumstances all feel real. These characters all come together from their own independent backgrounds to experience the bond of true friendship together and it's a very emotional watch for someone like myself who's dealt with a lot of similar bullshit in his life. There were at least four separate scenes in the last three episodes that made me tear up... Doesn't help that the main characters have a tendency to cry a lot as well, but they ARE teenage girls at the end of the day, so I can't really blame them for that one. I want to sing the praises of A Place Further than the Universe in more detail, but I'm afraid I'll spoil something. I don't really know if there's much to spoil, but I think the emotional impact of the show is better if you go into it completely blind. As such I can only seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY recommend that you give A Place Further than the Universe a watch.
  10. My country is one of the few left that still has mandatory conscription at age 18. I was declared eligible for service at that time, but had it in my head that I wanted to pursue a university degree instead. Luckily for me I pulled a high number (20022 to be exact) and that pretty much guaranteed I wouldn't be called upon. A few years down the line after struggling with my studies I eventually found myself without any kind of driven purpose or goal and mildly depressed for that reason. I quit university and signed up for the military. After about six months wait time I started basic and I've been with the army ever since.
  11. I have 13 months left of my contract with the army and I really don't know how the fuck I'm going to get through it. The repetition is getting to me really badly now after almost two years of service. Every fucking day it's the same monotonous shit. Wake up> get dressed> clear room inspection> change into PT gear> do PT> shower> eat breakfast> change into uniform> clear uniform/equipment inspection> proceed to do whatever bullshit regimental command has on schedule for the day> shower again> eat lunch> sit on your ass for 2 hours of military theory and/or safety briefings> equipment maintenance> uniform maintenance> assembly for any announcements for tomorrow> get dismissed> make sure room is clean for tomorrow's inspection> eat dinner> enjoy your evening with whatever entertainment you have available> experience bouts of existential dread knowing that the exact same thing will happen tomorrow> go to bed> jerk off to anime girls> fall asleep IFO-Drills, BMR-Drills, CBRN training, radio operation, expedition calls, survival training, field exercises that last between 2-7 days, range days - I can't fucking stand this shit anymore.
  12. Wulff

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    A couple of weeks ago I watched a documentary titled 'Dear Zachary' on a complete whim. It popped up as a recommended video for me on YouTube after I had been watching some other documentaries in my spare time and I figured I'd give it a try. It was a great documentary that I'll never watch again. What makes Dear Zachary super compelling is the fact that it is not a third party trying to cover a tragedy like so many other documentaries. The guy making this, he didn't come across tragedy and chose it as his subject. That is NOT what this is. Dear Zachary is a documentary created by a man specifically for the son of his best friend. His best friend died before his son came into the world and the creator of Dear Zachary went on a quest to create a sort of videobook for the son of the dead friend to eventually enjoy when he gets older. A way to highlight what a great man his father was and give him something to remember his late father by. But as this friend is out traveling the world in order to make this movie, certain things happen in real-time, concurrently as he is gathering footage for the movie and editing it together. The result is that the purpose and the focus of the documentary changes wildly throughout the film and it comes across as very genuine, because it is. I'll give you a warning right now though, Dear Zachary is a sad documentary. It's not a happy one. Not only that but it is so unbelievably infuriating to watch, that I really have a hard time describing it. The stuff that this family has to go through after the death of their son (Zachary's father) is absolutely unacceptable and by the end of the documentary I was blinded by a searing white-hot anger that the world could be so fucking unfair. A lot of people say Dear Zachary made them cry and I believe them. For me however, it made me fly into an unbridled fucking rage that didn't subside until the next day. It's also really, really good and I recommend that you watch it. If I've piqued your interest enough that you might give Dear Zachary a shot, I recommend that you don't do anymore research on it yourself. Go in with as little knowledge as possible.
  13. Wulff

    Anime General Discussion

    BnHA only gets better in season 2 so you can look forward to that.
  14. Wulff


    Unfortunately I don't have the link at hand, but there was a 2013 survey about it that I read. You could argue that it's outdated now, five years later, but I haven't seen any other data on it. I can try digging it up if you'd like.