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  1. Rynjin

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    How often do you see TV crews living in that area? Like a billion shows and movies are filmed there.
  2. Rynjin

    Anime Girl Quiz

    Apparently so, because I certainly can't tell the difference just from memory, anyway.
  3. Rynjin

    Anime Girl Quiz

    I thought the joke for a second was that all of them were named Sakura because there's at least two I recognized at a quick glance. So two Sakuras and an Akane, I think? Looks like her from Ranma in the first panel.
  4. Rynjin

    Anime General Discussion

    Sounds about right-ish. I really liked the back half of part 3 but Stardust Crusaders really spins its wheels before they get to Egypt. Also Cube confirmed for no taste. Sad.
  5. Rynjin

    Anime General Discussion

    Giorno is concentrated bland in human form, with a side of "new powers as the plot demands". It shits on Polnareff, the villain is trash, and most of the Stands introduced are stupid in a bad way, with fights going on for waaaaaaaaaaaay too long. Part 6 at least has an interesting premise. Part 7 is baller. Haven't read JoJolion.
  6. Rynjin

    Anime General Discussion

    Only show I'm watching this season is Shield Hero, but I want to pick up Promised Neverland, and I'll watch Mob Psycho 2 when it's all out (I had fun binging the first season). I might binge Vento Aureo when it's done too but part 5 is just...so bad.
  7. Rynjin

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    It's only $20 to begin with.
  8. Rynjin

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    For not wanting to download spyware, not wanting to encourage the downward spiral of AAA games into "short term profit for long term harm", or both?
  9. I just thought it was the natural shortening given the Brits' irrational hatred of the letters T and H. If you already say "bruvva", "bruv" is how it naturally shortens.
  10. Rynjin

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Quite honestly I hope this ends Obsidian as a developer. I like their games but their business sense has always been suspect, and this is no exception. Trading a short term gain for potential long term damage to the entire industry is ludicrously boneheaded, and something someone needs to be made an example out of for before it turns into a real problem. A beloved developer eating shit over this might be the wake up call people taking these buyouts need. Steam needs competition to be sure, but doing to the games industry what Amazon/Netflix/Crunchyroll/VRV are doing to the anime industry is not the way.
  11. Rynjin

    In Which Rynjin Shills Himself

    New chapter, BTW: https://orphanswebserial.home.blog/2019/03/15/1-7/
  12. Rynjin

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Yeah, "soften them and close to melee once shields are popped" is the bread and butter of Halo.
  13. Rynjin

    In Which Rynjin Shills Himself

    Thanks! Yeah, I'd noticed it was hard to find any kung fu videos that weren't practicing forms.
  14. Rynjin

    In Which Rynjin Shills Himself

    You'll have to forgive any roughness/unrealism in the fighting. I don't have your expertise, and am just one of those people who likes kung fu movies and stuff. Any tips for improving on that aspect? As for 3.), the newest chapter gives some hint on how that's achieved. It's probably not a technique you can put into use in your own life. =) And back to 2.), I'm glad that's appreciated. First draft/outline of the story had your usual chi stuff but as cool as it is in wuxia movies and stuff, I've seen it all before, so wanted to try something a bit different.
  15. Haven't been around as much lately, posting-wise. I've still been lurking pretty regularly, but I've been busy with other stuff. For the last year or so I've been working as a freelance writer for all sorts of people, and really wanted to start writing fiction. So I wanted to post what I've been working on for the last month and a half for everyone's enjoyment: Orphans It's a web serial/novel I plan to update once a week, maybe twice going into the future. It's got martial arts, and stuff! Check it out, leave a like, comment, and subscribe or something like that. Tell me what I'm doing wrong and how my story killed your dog, I can take it as much as I tend to dish it out, you won't hurt me (too bad).