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  1. Dvdgg

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    I didn't pull an expensive card this time, but I ended up being second and won 6 more boosters. My pool had 3 land rares, 2 cyclelands and some waterfalls. I played br with zombies, the minotaur legend, every piece of removal I had, and some burn and red filler. Went unbeaten until the last round, and I only got second because another friend got the same amount of points as me but his opponents had won more games. My best pulls were Kefnet, the blue god, and a foil New Perspectives. I have enough zombies to make a bw standard deck, my first non preconstructed standard deck.
  2. Dvdgg

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    I'll go this Sunday to the prerelease with a good amount of friends, let's see if this time I'm as lucky as with Kaladesh.
  3. Dvdgg

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    I have almost finished my combo Brago edh. It's all etb fun until I get a strionic resonator, then I have a lot of cheap wincons. All I fear is extremely aggro decks that might make me block things and get my creatures killed if I don't have the thopter makers in play. I have been thinking Propaganda and Ghostly Prison, but that might be a little overkill. Also I have a trash Maraxus commander made of random cards that managed to win my first EDH game. It was fun, another played copied Maraxus, and I wasn't a threat until I swinged a 20/20 maraxus after making all his creatures unable to block me, the other player forfeited because Maraxus had shroud and I had a couple of decent blockers. Also, they learnt to hate Heckling Fiends.
  4. only 4 more days until exams are over, then, another 4 days until I have to send my lab work.
  5. Dvdgg

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    Prerelease went really well, I finished 4th out of 17 guys. Saddly all I got as prize was a single booster. But the promo chandra and invention's champion's helm made it worth it. Now I'm slightly richer.
  6. Dvdgg


    I was getting moon because of Lunala, then I started dounting my decission when I saw Lycanroc. But Dr Zaius helped me settle with my decission.
  7. Dvdgg

    Magic The Gathering (TCG)

    I'll be playing my first prerelease this saturday, I have always wanted o play one and I don't know if I'll have time to play another in the future. Any tips for deckbuilding?
  8. I am eternally gratefull for the lack of centipedes in my life.
  9. Yes, and my classes end on the first days of June, and my exams last until almost July. So now all my friends are already in uni, or starting it in a couple of days, and they'll be free by the time I'll be studying for my... I think the word is dissertation.
  10. I have nothing to do until I start uni the 26th. I'll play vidya I guess.
  11. Dvdgg

    The Toy Thread

    Got this guy around a week ago, it's really nice. Now I have the dilemma of either getting the Anti Mage figma, or expanding my ever-growing collection of Heroclix figures. And if I get the AM figma, I should get something else from the Valve Store.
  12. I'm leaving to Italy tomorrow, I'll be back in a week. If I don't make it throught the pizza fields, first one to hack my steam account can keep it.

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    2. Dvdgg


      Pisa and Firenze visited, lots of pretty buildings ane statues, I had a pretty aesthetic experience when I saw a man vaping with a pink and neon blue tshirt while visiting the David.


      The duomo is really big, and there is people everywhere. 


      I'll be visiting Siena tomorrow, and by the afternoon we'll be in Rome. And that's it, we'll see Rome until monday then come back.

    3. Jordax


      Siena is beautiful too. If you want some really good ice cream if you hadn't gotten any yet, there is this pretty new looking salon called the Grom, not too far from the Piazza del Campo, I believe it is one or two streets north from there. At least, it looked new back in 2013. That aside, there one hell of a lot to see in Siena, especially if it is for less than a day.


      Rome got to be my favorite city in Europe, but I think you could see most of the main sights in a single weekend if you rush it a bit. I visited for three days two years ago, and I thought it was a bit on the short side then. Although, we took our sweet time then. Hell, I think I could have spent an entire day walking through the Forum Romanum if we didn't have other places to go to.....

    4. Dvdgg


      Got back from Roma yesterday, I really like it, but I think I like Firenze and Venecia more. It might have been better if I had visited it in Autumn or Spring rather than in Summer, but other than that and how expensive everything was, it has been a grea trip.

  13. I really, really like it when it's around 40ºC out and only slightly less hot inside my AC-less house.
  14. Dvdgg


    Streaming is on