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  1. Greetings once again, my friends! After re-reading the Original Definitive SPUF Users Tier List, I realized that it wasn’t quite as definitive as I had claimed! And if you know me, you know I’m not one to spread lies on the internet! So I have decided that a revision of the original SPUF Users Tier List is the only way that I can redeem myself! So now, I, Primal Phoenix, bring to you the Definitive SPUF Users Tier List: Revised Edition! This time around, I’ve included 30 of the little suckers, so you shitpost chasers are in for a real treat! (Disclaimer: Years of studying went into the making of this list, as evidenced by my degree in MLMology. Therefore, everything said in this list is indisputable! Also, I was gonna make my own post for this list, but then I got too lazy. So instead I stole some post from the internet!)


    30 - Silent


    29 - TheOnlyGuyEver


    28 - Frog girl

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    2. LordAIDS Monkey

      LordAIDS Monkey

      As the wise Pac-Man once said, "Oh man, I'm a meme."

      On a related note, I was thinking of doing a list like this, until I realized that most people here don't post anymore, and I don't know anything about those of you who do post. You're all #1 in my eyes!

    3. Facade
    4. Paero


      30. Me

      29. Me

      28. Super Sayan Me

      27. Me(me)

      26. Me myself and I

      25. Huff

      24. Me Blanco

      23. Josh from Drake and Josh

      22. Drake from Josh and Drake

      21. Jeff

      20. Greg Jenko

      19. Hussie from Homestuck

      18. Me

      17. Kamikaze101

      16. Marcus

      15. James 'Marcus' Holland

      14. Rathius

      13. Inspector Gadget

      12. Goku (Not Black)

      11. Xi Jinping

      10. Marcille

      9. Nanamo Ul Namo

      8. TSC

      7. Whoever invented Steak Bakes

      6. Playerunknown

      5. Playerknown

      4. Forsen

      3. Me

      2. Me

      1. Free Marcus

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