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  1. Facade

    Favorite game Mosaic

  2. Facade

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    I thought it was very obvious at least from the video (which granted i'll assume you didn't watch and went straight to twitter to look for affirmation) that the creators of the show seem very attached to Thundercats and clearly want to pass on that feeling to a younger generation in a format that would appeal to a youth in 2018 whilst still retaining the core fundamentals of the show.
  3. Facade

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    If you can show that I've complained that an anime not aimed for me isn't pandering to me i'll for sure concede
  4. Facade

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    End of week 2, still going strong, grind is good.
  5. Facade

    TIAM: Entertainment Stuff

    At some point you're going to have to admit that these shows aren't made for your age group
  6. Facade

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    You'll find that with a lot of Mobage that don't use a Stamina system, they expect you to pretty much play full time to keep ahead of the curve which also makes it super awkward to play any other Mobage on the side Saying that, it is literally KanColle but better so I don't even know if I call it Mobage, it's a browser game released on mobile.
  7. Facade

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  8. Facade

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    A week in and 66 Pulls, pretty good.
  9. Facade

    The Official Random Image Thread!! SPUF style

    You don't need anything from them anyway, all Pre-Reg bonuses are given to all new accounts for a little while.
  10. Facade

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    stop buying them and you'll stop getting recommended them
  11. Facade

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    what competition
  12. Facade

    TF2 general

    Probably best not to try and sound superior in a post about you getting scammed in such a textbook way and in what I can only describe as "like that bikecuck guy", buying back all your shit with zero intention to try and contact anyone with authority