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  1. you're visited by the sir slick of sporting success

    good luck and pointy hair will come to u if u comment "i believe in fitness"

    1. hugthebed2


      i believe in fitness

  2. i've got a strange request and feel that you could be able to help me


    my mates and i have an injoke that one of my mates is a weeb


    his birthday is coming up


    we've decided we're buying him a waifu pillow


    now none of us have a clue where to get the cheap waifu pillows


    so can you help? i'll give you rep

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    2. hugthebed2


      get one used

    3. A 1970 Corvette
    4. Doopliss2008


      Oh right, many times, its just a cover, so be sure to purchase a body pillow separately.


      or you can try to bring up up the topic of his favorite anime girl in conversations, and work it from there.

  3. if any of you could give me a link to one of those webcomics that makes fun of those webcomics pushing agendas that'd be great


    "and this is the panel where i show that i am clearly smarter than someone with an opposite point of view and they are clearly an unreasonable person" those ones

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    2. Sir Slick

      Sir Slick

      nah sorry it's a very specific one where the author talks about how superior he is, it's hard to explain


      thanks for the effort though, greatly appreciated 

    3. Huff
    4. Sir Slick
  4. ok so we got rolled for 34 and they're 7/170

    1. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      is that some kind of euphemism for the marijuanas

    2. Sir Slick

      Sir Slick

      no but i wish there was something to take the pain of losing away :'(

  5. cricket finals are on today boys wish me luck

    1. ICBMoose


      good luck at the cricketing

  6. this place is far too inactive, tsk

    1. hugthebed2


      People just start showing up one day. The amount of active users drops about once every 3 months and people just turn to occasionally lurking. There's nothing that can be done.

    2. Arm the Homeless

      Arm the Homeless

      thats because you dont stay

    3. Sir Slick

      Sir Slick

      pfffff i do my job as the token sporting minority

  7. guess who got his year eleven timetable


    the fact i'm asking means it's pretty obvious it's me btw

  8. ah yeah it is a new years' miracle there are now four of us working on writing this book rather than three which is a huge help because guy that's joining is a word wizard

  9. i'll chuck this here because reasons


    slick reviews could only go ahead by way of me skype video calling someone and them recording because i am unable to upload them

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    2. Sir Slick

      Sir Slick

      pfff but what book


      the writing isn't the hard part it's that we're gonna have to bind it and all that shizz

    3. Arm the Homeless
    4. Sir Slick

      Sir Slick

      complain more when you have to read jane eyre

  10. Sir Slick

    2015 Retrospective

    still eluded by girlfriend and was left looking like a fuckknuckle when i got overconfident and asked someone out who i realistically had no chance with but other than that 2015 was a very good year for the slick and i'm looking forward to year 11 and 12 (final years) of highschool and i'm hoping to do really well, when i get my timetable i should chuck it up here.
  11. thanks evilbrain for fifteen reps in under fifteen minutes, that's... dedication? yeah, dedication.
  12. Sir Slick

    Operation Posterboard

    i do not see it
  13. Sir Slick


    yeah disappearing with no trace was probably a tad tactless sorry about that also sorry about slick reviews apparently an upload speed of 1 mbps just doesn't work for a thirty minute video
  14. Sir Slick

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    so now i have borderlands 2 on computer if i am not busy sportsing i'll play with some of you unless i'm 2 years late
  15. Sir Slick

    weirdest things on your harddrive

    been out of the game too long how do i add images http://imgur.com/sa2O4Xe