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  1. Kraszu


    That's one of these missions you do once, and forget it exists after that.
  2. Kraszu


    A)have matchmaking on and maybe randoms will carry you B)post what are you running and mods config
  3. Kraszu


    can't even fucking update
  4. Kraszu

    E3 2018

    I'm guessing Microsoft lost, since you didn't even remember they had a conference.
  5. Kraszu

    Doodles on my mediocre drawing tablet

    That can't be a marine, he's not eating crayons.
  6. Kraszu

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I would be optimistic if it was 4th season of Sam and Max.
  7. Kraszu

    The Official Random Image Thread!! SPUF style

    Apparently some people of internet can only imagine cyberpunk as presented in Blade Runner, as Cube said.
  8. Kraszu

    The Official Random Image Thread!! SPUF style

    I love how assblasted people are that in neon colored future sun and day/night cycles still exist.
  9. Kraszu

    Game Deals Announcement Thread

    Wasn't it free to play? I think they just added random free champions rotation.
  10. something like this just not cordless, I usually use 2 biggest bits, 3 if its summer.
  11. Kraszu

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    no, realistic in gameplay, they say they are aiming to place themselves between battlefield and ARMA, so I guess it could end up like Insurgency with vehicles and new army gizmos
  12. Kraszu

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    looks like people wanting Battlefield without "muh diversity" shoved in thier face, may just get it soon. painkiller guys are making pure multiplayer title, apparently they are aiming for something more realistic than BF3, could be p nice
  13. Kraszu

    The Thread that Makes you go Hmmm

    They do, they shit oxygen.