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  1. Sometimes you notice two people on two completely different websites with the exact same posting styles, personalities, and favorite topics.  And then you have to awkwardly pretend like you haven't noticed that they're both the same person.

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    2. Gyokuyoutama


      My current plan for the most recent incident is to wait until the guy posts something embarrassing on one site (he's the type of guy who will do this sooner rather than later) and then post it on the other site.

    3. Raison d'être

      Raison d'être

      Look man, what I share on fuirsuitplaypen.com is not for you to repost here. Capisce?

    4. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      If you ever meet someone who ends every post with a :pinkiegasm:, just walk away and don't make eye contact.