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  1. Love_Caktus

    Trading stories

    Let's get this thread throbbing with some incredible trade stories. Any great deals you've gotten or anything you just think is interesting. Here's mine: I was dicking around on a trade server with Stamda the day of the Pyromania update, looking to see if I could find a strange Rainblower for cheap. Some guy was advertising him selling one so I traded him, in hopes he would accept my meager offer of dirty hats and a few reclaimed metal. I figured he wouldn't trade it to me but I took a chance and offered nearly my entire backpack at the time. He looked at everything and said "You know. You can have free." (English must not have been his first language because he only typed in broken weird sentences) So basically he gave me an item worth, I think around 3-5 keys the day it came out, for free.
  2. Love_Caktus

    Hear me out here.

    I call being this guy.
  3. Love_Caktus

    Take a Cautionary Sip. I'm Hot.

    Deal. Pancreas > Cawfee
  4. Love_Caktus

    Take a Cautionary Sip. I'm Hot.

    P.S. Capp, sorry about that Killing Floor match, my internet is absolute shite.
  5. Love_Caktus

    Take a Cautionary Sip. I'm Hot.

  6. Love_Caktus

    Take a Cautionary Sip. I'm Hot.

    I have an insatiable hunger for internal organs.
  7. Love_Caktus

    Hear me out here.

    Comeau wins.
  8. Love_Caktus

    Take a Cautionary Sip. I'm Hot.

    I made this for you.
  9. Love_Caktus

    Hear me out here.

    I'm likin' this one the best so far.
  10. Love_Caktus

    Hear me out here.

    OK, so today, I had perhaps the single best idea I've ever come up with. A movie, right? About Nazis. Ya followin' me? And the Nazis; Yeah? They fight crime. BOOM OH, and they also fight a Giant Mecha-Jew. Best idea ever, right? Anyway, I haven't come up with a title, so you guys help me decide what I should call this masterpiece before I ship it off to Disney.
  11. Love_Caktus

    The Reaction Pictures Thread

    I took this screenshot so long ago.
  12. Con-Air because I want to be one of the cool kids.
  13. Love_Caktus

    Movie Night 00110101!

    God damn it. I leave for Hawaii in the morning so I have to miss this. Shit.
  14. Love_Caktus

    A Request

    Salutations Spuffers. My plane for Hawaii leaves Sunday night, so really I only have today to do shit before I have to leave. I'll be gone 'til Tuesday, but I wanna have some fun before I go. I'd be rather pleased if I could get some of you lovely bastards to play some TF2 with me before I go. I think it'd be pretty neat to get to know you all better.