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  1. Greetings once again, my friends! After re-reading the Original Definitive SPUF Users Tier List, I realized that it wasn’t quite as definitive as I had claimed! And if you know me, you know I’m not one to spread lies on the internet! So I have decided that a revision of the original SPUF Users Tier List is the only way that I can redeem myself! So now, I, Primal Phoenix, bring to you the Definitive SPUF Users Tier List: Revised Edition! This time around, I’ve included 30 of the little suckers, so you shitpost chasers are in for a real treat! (Disclaimer: Years of studying went into the making of this list, as evidenced by my degree in MLMology. Therefore, everything said in this list is indisputable! Also, I was gonna make my own post for this list, but then I got too lazy. So instead I stole some post from the internet!)


    30 - Silent


    29 - TheOnlyGuyEver


    28 - Frog girl

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    2. Gyokuyoutama


      No TOGE, Aids Monkey made a SPUF user list disguised as a Touhou list.  I just translated it from weeb speak.

    3. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      being untiered only means that you get surprise factor when you burst into the meta

    4. Gyokuyoutama


      Someday I will oversee a wargame to determine this once and for all.


      With basic rules provided from Ironclaw, dominion rules provided from Birthright, combat decided by Basic D&D companion rules and art provided by BESM first edition.