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  1. It's ok guys, I totally didnt just remember to un-reverse the forums today.

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    3. Doopliss2008


      Jokes on you I always run SPUForange

    4. John Caveson

      John Caveson

      Spookification complete.

  3. Binary

    New Forum Bug List

    It is very clearly written on the fridge...
  4. Binary

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Having never played a Neptunia game I can say with absolute certainty that it’s great
  5. Blender and repiteer works well for mine. PRINT TEST CUBES FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD. It's really exiting and tempting to go and start a 24 hour print as soon as you set it up, but do a few test prints to get the slicer and setting right.
  6. Binary

    Welcome to our new Administrators!

    yeah sure why not
  7. Binary

    Welcome to our new Administrators!

    Shhhhhhhh. Everything is EXACTLY as it was.
  8. Binary

    Welcome to our new Administrators!

    Sweeping through the debris of yesterday, we've decided that this was a horrible idea, and have reverted all the permissions. Happy April Fools all!
  9. Binary

    Welcome to our new Administrators!

    It's right there at the top. And -rep isn't actually a thing. It was just an empty threat all along.
  10. We've had an uptick in traffic on the site, and frankly our current moderation team has been overwhelmed by the effort required to maintain order. As such, we have unanimously voted to add some new administrative users to the site- April Fools!
  11. Binary


    I used to have oxium until I wanted a Scourge. Been slowly building back up.
  12. Binary


    WOAAAAAAAAAH WE'RE HALFWAY THERE WOAAAAAAAAAAH EXISTENCE IS PAIIIIN Side note, I am really enjoying gara. It's like frost but not.
  13. '02 CR-V still. Hoping to move up after I graduate, looking at leasing a Jeep Renegade or something.
  14. Binary

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I feel like it's going to lean a lot on more current stuff, and a lot of action, which is going to make it a good bit different than the book (they've already stated it's fairly different). What will be missing, and what I think made the book great, was the actual "hunt" for the egg, the mystery and problem solving, and the history behind all the games and movies. It ramped up as the book went on for sure, but it was actually fairly steady. I'm also curious how much time he'll spend outside the oasis. He doesn't really start leaving for extended periods of time until the last half (again). Trailers are only trailers, so I'm hoping they're just showing the "exciting" parts.