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  1. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I feel like it's going to lean a lot on more current stuff, and a lot of action, which is going to make it a good bit different than the book (they've already stated it's fairly different). What will be missing, and what I think made the book great, was the actual "hunt" for the egg, the mystery and problem solving, and the history behind all the games and movies. It ramped up as the book went on for sure, but it was actually fairly steady. I'm also curious how much time he'll spend outside the oasis. He doesn't really start leaving for extended periods of time until the last half (again). Trailers are only trailers, so I'm hoping they're just showing the "exciting" parts.
  2. Star Wars Thread

    GAH ITS EITHER WAIT TILL AFTER FINALS TO SEE IT WITH FRIENDS OR WAIT EVEN LONGER TO SEE IT WITH MY DAD. Normally I don't care about spoilers, but I spoiled TFA, and really missed out I think on some stuff that I would have liked to go in blind on. As such you could post pretty much whatever you want, and label it "TLJ Spoilers"
  3. I'm actually pretty excited for it. Any more portal and puzzles is great. And it's mobile. (Of note it's not developed by Valve so its not like they've been working on this instead of other things like some people seem to think.)
  4. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Yeah, it really seems like that kind of era is on it's way out. I used to be a member of multiple boards, and they all had their own "ecosystem" of posters and threads. It's still there in things like reddit and discord, but they move quicker it seems. What's actually kinda interesting is that IRC-type communities seem to be on the rise again, with Discord.
  5. Hey all, it's time again for the totally not rushed or last minute SPUFpowered Secret Santa! Please use the form below to sign up! https://goo.gl/forms/GhCKLgTthzqDXG5n2 As per the usual, only sign up if you intend to participate, gifts to be distributed around Christmas Day/Eve, price limit will be given with giftee assignments. Deadline to sign up is arbitrarily the... 15th-ish?
  6. I'd really like to set up Secret Santa's, been thinking about it. I'll look into it.
  7. Magic 2014

    Moved to games area.
  8. Post ur Sunsets/Rises

    View from my backyard a bit ago:
  9. TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I'm honestly really disappointed about this whole thing with Battlefront II. I was actually going to stick it out (preordered for early access, I REALLY love me some clone wars), untill I saw the comment on Monday about the "sense of pride and accomplishment." Game play features shouldn't be something you work toward, especially in a licensed game, where 50% of the draw is to play as certain characters. Their whole thing was a thinly veiled attempt to inflate playtime numbers or get loot boxes. It's exceptionally annoying and sad because they actually did fix almost every problem with BF 2015. The game play was fun, sound design was fantastic, graphics are great, and there is a ton more content. I'm really honestly hoping they got enough of a shock with the fact that support is still overloaded for refund requests to make the proper changes. But I suspect they wont, and I'll have to yar har it for SP and get it on sale in like 6 months. Also, I really think Valve did it right with their first implementation of crates. With the combination of trading, crafting, and unboxing, it was really fair- you could get anything gameplay effecting with minimal effort, and you had a chance at something cool. If you didn't like the cool thing you got, someone else would trade you the cool thing they didn't want for the one that you had. A lot of games have overlooked that part of the equation and only see the loot crates and keys.
  10. Warframe

    Dang, this game has me hooked harder than anything in a long time. Also got my roommate in on it too. Ground my way to Neptune since I picked it back up last weekend. Those Twitch Prime rewards were a good boost TBH. Running Ivara for stealth, Frost for pretty much everything else. Just unlocked my next main quest (Nitah I think) last night, I'm kinda gunning for Octavia, the skills sound way too entertaining to not try. Haven't even toughed POE since i tried it a bit ago.
  11. Jungle Inferno Update Thread

    The Pyroshark returns...
  12. Warframe

    Actually trying to get back into this. Literally last time I played was in beta/release and good lord is there a literal mountain of new things to do. Don't know if it's because i'm starting fresh or not, but it seems like it's a wee bit less farm intensive, or at least there's more options for farming. POE is neat, but not quite what I was expecting. Working my way through the quest lines now.
  13. Hello!

    Hello hello!
  14. *scribbles furiously on to do list*
  15. I didn't enable the Halloween theme November 2nd this year guys!!!

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      Almost halfway through the month and it just NOW comes on!?

    3. Gyokuyoutama


      He still beat Valve in activating Halloween mode.

    4. DualJay