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  1. I think I'd do a good job as that guy at every video game company that lies and says that every feature imaginable will definitely be in the next release.

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    2. aabicus


      No lie, I'm really close to maybe getting that job. It's usually the poor marketing intern who has to shoulder the internet's wrath

    3. Gyokuyoutama


      In terms of overall success, Peter Molyneux seems to be the guy to model yourself after.  He may be a joke, but he doesn't seem to get the hatred that people like David Cage, Todd Howard or whoever the spokesman for No Man's Sky do.  This in spite of (or maybe because of) his claims being easily the most ludicrous.

    4. Expresate


      People say Todd Howard lies, but I haven't seen him do so. "It just works" was in reference to doors working after you place them in settlements. That is true. He didn't say "there will be no bugs in this game at all."