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  1. Here's a challenge:


    Start a browser in private browsing, for a fresh history.

    Go to youtube without logging in.

    Repeatedly watch whatever video you want, then return to the front page, making note of the recommeneded videos.

    Your score is the number of videos required before Family Guy stops being recommended.

    Lower scores are better.


    Hard Mode: Get rid of late night talk shows, movie trailers, and sports shows too.


    Impossible Mode: Get rid of bullshit clickbait list videos.

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    2. Gyokuyoutama


      Just to be fair I tried this myself, with the impossible challenge.  It's technically possible because the browser I use with months of history doesn't get any of those videos.  But I gave up on a fresh history after 160 videos.


      The interesting thing about it is that it feels like youtube is actively taunting you.  You'll get an almost perfect slate of recommendations, with one offending video (often the family guy asian drycleaner video, or the brian forced mating one).  Then you watch another video, come back to the main page, and nearly every single recommendation is stuff you'd get on a fresh browser, with nothing whatsoever related to what you've been watching.

    3. Raison d'être

      Raison d'être

      Yeah my usual account will pass it all, but damn you have to go far before Youtube stops telling you Brain forced mating is something you want to see.

    4. ToasterToastin'


      On Edge, not logged in, with a search for "Ok Go I won't let you down" and watch of the first video, I went back to the home page and not a single Family Guy or Fortnite clip.


      However upon my next search (siivagunner, picked first clip) and returning to the home screen, Asian dry cleaner first in line. Unreal.