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  1. Work that made people a furry by decade:


    20s: BNA, Helluva Boss

    10s: Zootopia, Pokemon (there were Pokewaifus before but it hit a critical mass here.)

    00s: Star Fox Assault, Digmon Tamers, Sonic Adventure 2

    90s: A lot of stuff, but most likely Space Jam or The Lion King.  I guess Rescue Rangers goes here too since it debuted right before the 90s.  SWAT Kats for kids who got in before Turner canceled it.  Hell I could probably add five or six more things; any kid growing up in this decade was doomed.

    80s: Fairly safe decade; only real Furry Bait was the Catillac section of Heathcliff and Gadget right at the end.  Lots of female animal characters, but I don't consider that inherently furbait.

    70s: Disney's Robin Hood.  Not much else, but it was enough.

    60s: Everything here is either "female animal with slight human attributes" or "female cartoon character with almost no sexual appeal."  These things only appeal to people who are actually furries, so it was a safe decade.

    50s and Earlier: There's some pretty weird blatant furbait stuff, the most famous of which probably being that "leg of lamb" joke in that Droopy cartoon.  But the stuff that would show up on TV was always isolated and unlikely to cause any real damage.

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    2. Gyokuyoutama


      On reflection, there were some important omissions:


      1960s: That squirrel from Sword in the Stone was pretty damn blatant.  I mean I guess she's still in the category of "animal with slight human attributes" but when she's hitting on the main character you can't ignore it.

      1970s: As a side note this is when the Fritz the Cat movies came out, i.e. the first mainstream-ish adult furry movies.  But no way any kid was getting within a mile of that so it doesn't affect this list.  A real omissions is that lion chick from the Star Trek cartoon show.  I guess you might throw the Rescuers in here because throwing Eva Gabor's voice on top of a mouse is just asking for trouble.

      1980s: I don't know how many people actually saw Animalympics back in the day, but it certainly fits here.  The Great Mouse Detective should also be included for that burlesque scene.  The dogs in Oliver and Company are kind of borderline; I mean yeah furries like them but I don't know if they would have caused confused feelings in children.

      1990s: Stuff I omitted: Tiny Toon Adventures, Samurai Pizza Cats, Road Rovers, SatAM Sonic the Hedgehot, Mirri n Magic the Gathering, Animaniacs (I don't know how much Minerva Mink actually made an impact considering how infrequently she appeared but man it doesn't get more blatant than this).  I guess we can throw Dragon Tales here as well, and to top things off this is where furry webcomics started to explode.  Kids were screwed.

    3. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      Listen, let's leave poor Mirri out of this

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