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  1. There needs to be some separate term for modern Isekai.


    I've previously talked about "Western Isekai" (ex. Narnia, Three Hearts and Three Lions, John Carter, The Dragon and the George, etc.) But even in Japan if you look at classic anime like Dunbine, Escaflowne, Those Who Hunt Elves and so on and you see very little resemblance in terms of plot structure and cliches used when compared to the modern form of the genre.


    (Though I'm not even sure if "modern" is the right term here. I haven't seen it, but from what I've heard about the Tanya show it doesn't seem to hit the same notes as other "isekai" shows.)


    So there needs to be some new term that refers to specifically this subgenre.  This is important because "other world" fiction has a long and rich history, with much of it being very creative.  But the modern subgenre allows only the most minor ("gimmick based") innovation.

    1. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      I feel like a general catch-all would be anything that has RPG influences/mechanics (usually in having levels, or skills, or some similar "game mechanic" informing character ability and is also directly known by the characters) but that doesn't really get all of them, despite being the one that definitely introduces the largest number of tired cliches in my opinion.


      Honestly modern isekai might be the only suitable term, there's juuust enough variety in the pool that it's hard to find a unique identifier that will still hit most of the examples

    2. Gyokuyoutama


      RPG mechanics are definitely up there in my mind, especially when shows make the gimmick about the build (I'll overlevel, I'll only buff defense, I'll only make potions, I'm too overpowered from the start, I'm a really boring build, etc.)


      But I think what's more important than that is having more or less the same fantasy universe.  Basically, Dragon Quest with minor variations.


      Another common feature is shows trying to justify themselves by not taking themselves seriously.  I don't mind this in principle, Dog Days was kind of fun in how much it embraced combat being pointless, and Kemono Michi did get a lot of amusement out of enemies being shocked when the protagonist dropkicks them or piledrives them out of nowhere.  But when every show is like that it wears thin fast.


      If you want to put all of this together, I would say that a common feature is that there is little to no attempt to bother convincing the viewer that the action is taking place in a real alternate universe that should be taken seriously.  I'd say that this is one of the biggest ways that something like Escaflowne or Dunbine depart from the modern genre, much moreso than the giant robots.

    3. Moby


      Its called "garbage"

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