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  1. Just a Gigolo

    Payday General

    Don't like jews in your game, Adolf? Huff really hates jewish people.
  2. Just a Gigolo

    Animation General

    It's like every episode just gives Zone more and more material to use on purpose.
  3. Just a Gigolo

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  4. Your waifu's coffee skills.
  5. With as inactive as this place is I'm surprised someone is paying to keep it open. Where did everyone go? No, but that's not the purpose of them.
  6. Just a Gigolo

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  7. Just a Gigolo

    Anime General Discussion

    The movie is pretty amazing. It's like Kiss Saves Santa, the movie Heavy Metal, and Sailor Moon combined.
  8. Just a Gigolo

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

  9. Lets be honest, in asian racing, the winner is usually the one to crash last.
  10. Just a Gigolo

    Are eSports "real" sports?

  11. Just a Gigolo

    The Reaction Pictures Thread

    You leave Scott Bakula alone! He saved all of humanity from the xindi.
  12. ​They announced it on their XM show, and other sites are covering it.