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  1. Tale of Two Wastelands is neat. Inserts the entire F3 into FNV's engine.

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    2. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      Wait, they DON'T use the same engine?

    3. Rynjin


      They do. Every Bethesda game since Morrowind uses the same engine, on through to Fallout 76.


      But New Vegas and Fallout 3 use the same ASSETS; all the character models and weapon models and stuff are the same. This makes it easy to rebuild Fallout 3 in New Vegas (which is what they had to do, re-place every part of the world and every character, item, etc. by hand and then reinstate all the quests manually to recreate the Capital Wasteland as a separate locale).


      IIRC one of the biggest scripting issues they ran into was just getting the opening sequence and starting quest to work.

    4. Expresate


      Not all of the assets are the same. They added lots. I remember reading there's almost as many new as were in Fallout 3, but I cannot find a source.