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  1. mikanko foo-li coo-li

    1. Rynjin


      Fun deck

    2. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      I like the cute girls on the cards but I'm not sure about the deck itself

    3. Rynjin


      It's standard going second deck but it has more teeth going first than similar decks like Numeron, Earth Machines, etc. If you end up having to go first Hu-Li (the green one) is a a good one turn towers since she can't be destroyed by battle or card effect and can't be targeted. Notably Kashtira has like zero outs for Hu-Li. Plus it has an in-archetype Snatch Steal that can be played on the opponent's turn, which is neat.

      If you like looking at your opponent's board and going "Herald of NOTHING, IDIOT"* and then ramming them for 10k damage with 0 ATK monsters it'll be great. I picked it up during Kashtira meta in Master Duel and just used it to do my dailies and somehow ended up in top Diamond just playing 1-2 games a day. It's not exactly a big brain deck, but sometimes you need something simple that gets the job done.

      *Is Mecha-Godzilla now.