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  1. General DeGroot

    ITT We Appreciate Good Video Game Music

    Hollow Knight's soundtrack is a deck of straight aces lads example
  2. hi friends give me a martial arts weapon to research and talk about

    hardmode: no guns

  3. I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death

    1. hugthebed2


      Thanatos was an annoying god in Smite, but he wasn't very good if you were bad so it's alright.

    2. A 1970 Corvette
    3. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      Death is actually a pretty cool guy. And his cousin is a babe, you're missing out bro.

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  4. General DeGroot

    Would you undergo torture for superpowers?

    5 because at least i won't remember it there's literally no downside
  5. Elvis' stuff is p good lads

  6. how do you do fellow spufians

    1. Mersopolis


      Well, you need a fellow spufian then... wait. Have you had the talk about the birds and the bees?

    2. John Caveson
    3. ToasterToastin'


      spuf is dead and we killed it




  8. General DeGroot

    TF2 general

    All things considered, if someone wants to headshot me Simo-häyhä-style from across the map, all the more power to them. That shit takes actual skill. That being said, I personally feel the accuracy should be watered down, or some form of projectile falloff should occur with it.
  9. So that's why he's called The Lost


    because you fucking lose the run no matter what

    1. Primal Phoenix

      Primal Phoenix

      The lost is super playable when you get holy shield

    2. Medic


      You mean Holy Mantle. Fill the Greed machine in Greed mode, get the Holy Mantle and technically have infinite health as long as you only get hit once per room.

    3. Loose Cannon

      Loose Cannon

      I haven't unlocked the Lost yet. I just finished my marks on Isaac.


      Looking forward to the truly soul-crushing part of the game.

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  10. key lime pie ice cream is p good

  11. General DeGroot

    E3 2017

    how are you not blind by now
  12. General DeGroot

    E3 2017

    Still waiting on my F-zero reboot tho
  13. General DeGroot

    E3 2017

    Devolver has evolved[ha ha] into my favorite developer team
  14. General DeGroot

    E3 2017

    Oh goody, Life is Tumblr 2. Just what I've always wanted. M'kay, let's talk about Anthem real quick, because apparently it was MS' big reveal. Warning signals: Bioware, EA, multiplayer, massive open world, "dynamic events". Does anyone else get a No-Man's-Sky vibe from it? Specifically, an intrinsically beautiful game with very little real substance. Even the demo itself looked boring, like some destiny clone with even less gameplay. The world itself looked empty, genuinely dead and uninspired. My closing thoughts on it are as follows:
  15. General DeGroot

    E3 2017

    yeah but consider this moni EDIT: These shirts What the fuck microsoft, are you guys actually being run by ants
  16. General DeGroot

    E3 2017

    S P O R T S P O R T S who the fuck plays sports games
  17. 3D > 2D > meme status circlejerking

    1. A 1970 Corvette

      A 1970 Corvette

      kemono friends is the only 3d i need 

  18. General DeGroot

    Silly Videogame Forum Shitstorm thread

    nice to see you got to this board damo
  19. Reggie Fils-aime is not a real person

  20. If I donate ~850 more coins to the Greed machine next time i play isaac, I can unlock the Keeper

    1. hugthebed2


      I remember farming it so I could get Holy Mantle on The Lost. Totally worth it.

      Keeper was not, however.

  21. Forums page redirects to the discussions - Guess they finally did it, the absolute madmen. Or they just forgot to renew the servers with vBulletin. Attempting to contact Fish-E in hopes of getting official statement. All hail our new SPUFpowered overlords, etc. EDIT: attempts to contact Fish-E have failed, will maybe attempt again tomorrow morning, but don't expect any surprises - Honestly, I doubt the mods knew any more than we did.
  22. hello darkness my old friend

    1. hugthebed2


      Aqua > Darkness

    2. kayohgee


      i've come to shipost with you again