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  1. Raison d'être

    The 12 Posts of Smissmas!

    Can't wait for the 2 achievements that are "reflect an elf arrow into the enemy carrying the intelligence" and "win the map 146 times".
  2. In memory of Guy, long-time forum punching bag and 0 time award winner of anything. This one's for you, little buddy.
  3. Eh, John Oliver's a TV guy first and foremost and Fortnite is more intertwined with Twitch than Youtube in my opinion. Now The Young Turks battling armenians Boogie2988 with Minecraft swords? That's Youtube.
  4. Just got around to watching Youtube Rewind This Year. I really think they missed an opportunity to have the chick who shot up Youtube HQ do the Childish Gambino gun thing instead of lame shit that had nothing to do with Youtube like John Oliver fortnite dancing.
  5. Raison d'être

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    I always thought Smash was the fighting game you put on when you had some friends coming over but you don't know them super well so you put on a good game that nobody can complain about (along with cheese pizzas from Little Caesar's and Pepsi) but now my view has been demolished since you guys are talking about fuckin' Oblivion with Mario or something.
  6. Raison d'être

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Of course... it all comes together now. A WW2-themed Battle Royale game where 15 different classes (one of whom is a space marine time traveler from 2232) compete in an open world with hunger/thirst mechanics and MOBA towers you can spawn in via killstreak. The top 3 winners get 3/2/1 lootboxes that they can open for cards to play in the minigame that awards crafting materials they use to build new guns and cosmetics to customize their loadout. And the battle royale "bomb" zone or whatever its called will turn you into a zombie if it kills you. I mean you of course die but your corpse becomes a computer-controlled zombie at which point it hunts down other players and it does like 5 damage and dies in one headshot it's really shitty but you get an achievement if it kills someone. Why contain it?
  7. Raison d'être

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    Someone should make a WW2-themed Battle Royale game in an open world with hunger/thirst mechanics and MOBA towers you can spawn in via killstreak. Put it on Steam for 20 dollars call it like "The meme game for fuckers" or something I don't know it can be shit it doesn't matter it will make money. If I missed a fad of the past 20 years let me know cause I know I did.
  8. Raison d'être

    The 12 Posts of Smissmas!

    The backstory reminds me of this.
  9. But really though, I can understand because my last name is always mispronounced because it's French, and often then misspelled because of it. A few of my awards from elementary school even have the wrong spelling. People who I don't know well don't know any better but the people I DO know know damn well what they're doing but they do it anyway because it's funny to them, which in my humble opinion is a vile anti-French hate crime that should be punished severely.
  10. Sorry to hear that, Medich.
  11. Raison d'être

    The 12 Posts of Smissmas!

    Don't worry, being late makes it just like a real TF2 update.
  12. Raison d'être

    TIAM: General Gaming edition

    At least Hi-rez is pretty on-top of fads but Valve takes their sweet-ass time. Speaking of chasing after fads, Overkill's The Walking Dead came out (along with its first DLC two weeks later) and it doesn't seem to be doing well since their parent company Starbreeze filed for Swedish Chapter 11 a few days ago. And then had their offices raided because of insider trading. I still can't believe they wasted away the money printer that was Payday 2, but they certainly tried to replicate it since they made the same damn game 3 times (Payday 2, Raid: World War II, and TWD). They're publishing that too, if they stick around long enough.
  13. Raison d'être

    We Media Now: TF2 Edition

  14. Raison d'être

    The 12 Posts of Smissmas!

    A Genuine Candy Cane... the best gift you could get.
  15. I'm still not convinced extremists of either stripe are that big of an advertising market, at least not big enough to risk alienating moderates. But at the end of the day tumblr's the one with the data (I mean I hope they collected data on this), so we'll have to wait and see whether or not they took the right path.
  16. No Western company is going to view having Kikekiller1488's swastika gallery next to their product as a net positive, ever, under any circumstances. The whole thought of tumblr/Verison sitting down and saying "You know, porn is too much but politics and race war seems like a really good choice for our advertisers" is just insane. If you pulled a hundred executives into a room and told them their product could be associated with either pornography or nazism you would get 100 votes for porn. But even if it were the same, which it ain't, the potential gained revenue from the devoted nazis of tumblr (one hell of a phrase that is) is probably 1/1,000th at best of the potential revenue gained from the horny people of tumblr.
  17. Extremist politics is probably the only thing less advertiser-friendly than porn, and suits know this. Good to see tumblr's going down the way they lived, pointing and sputtering at the 20 or so blogs getting deleted and being remade by the same 4chan trolls from the tumblr invasions. It's such a shit platform though, even in general. But for art it's especially bad.
  18. Pixiv is alright but damn navigating that site makes me feel like I'm wading through a jungle and I don't know where I'm going at all. Twitter? For artists? Why not just upload your fucking art as a 5 second Youtube video, be about the same. Well actually it'd be better because Youtube doesn't have infinite scrolling.
  19. I'm glad they're doing well, I still visit from time to time just to play old games. Can't pulp the Fulp, baby. Now all we need is Andkon Arcade to come back.
  20. Probably not ever in that specific PR-speak, but even then the sentiment is probably only present in subjects neither party cares about. "Facts don't care about your feelings" is a popular Ben meme but the opposite "Feelings don't care about your facts" is much more true and much more relevant.
  21. It's time for a conversation (on why I'm right and you're wrong). In my mind tumblr has always meant porn and crazy people and bad design. Take away the porn and it's SPUFpo just about any other site on the web.
  22. Vaguely. Man the first year or so of this forum was crazy. I blame Ikea boy.