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  1. I got an HTC Vive from my friend. Now I have to tear my room to pieces to scrounge up enough room for a play space

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    2. Gyokuyoutama


      Technically an in-place l, all directional, treadmill exists.  I saw a local engineering firm roll out a working version 10 years ago.


      Granted, it filled a whole room, used an insane amount of electricity and was loud as hell, but it worked.  I think that it was meant for a military VR training contract.


      Since civilian technology tends to lag about 10 years behind DARPA technology, that suggests that we could get the first versions of the technology soon, with feasible versions (i.e. inexpensive and small) about another 10 years out.

    3. Idiot Cube

      Idiot Cube

      I've got space over here, just leave it with me.

    4. FreshHalibut


      My Playspace is pretty small, have punched things a few times.
      TV  and controllers still lives fortunately.