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  1. Four hours until Smash!

    Or if you're on the east coast, one hour until Smash!

    Or if you live in some other country, you already have Smash!

    ...Why do I live in the worst timezone?

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    2. TheOnlyGuyEver


      The Australians always win.


      Also if you think the game a port I suggest you read up on the many mechanic, gameplay, and character balance changes. This is no longer E3 2018 and it's become very clear that there is much to separate this game from Smash 4. It plays very differently.

    3. Snatcher Cube

      Snatcher Cube

      @TheOnlyGuyEver I know, it was a joke. I wouldn't have been this excited about a port.

    4. John Caveson

      John Caveson

      >tfw a "midnight" release is actually 9pm for best coast